Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Dee Godoy | Founder of Heka Remedies

When I decided to start a business I knew I wanted the theme to revolve around self love. I’ve had many ups and downs dealing with Bipolar disorder and it took a while for me to accept it and embrace who I am. I wanted to encourage others to embrace who they are and embrace self love too. I did a lot of spiritual work and was always drawn to The Egyptian gods and goddesses which is how I came across Heka, which is the Egyptian term for magic. Read more>>

Philip Ganz | Chief Teammate Officer

I came up with the idea of www.makefloridayourhome.com through many previous failures. Every failure was learning, so I always felt I was building skills and progressing. As far as the domain name, that was my wife Melissa name she is very creative and a great handle on the English language. Read more>>

Paul Ramlow | Founder of SD Soccer Performance

I started playing soccer for the biggest youth pro team in Berlin when I was seven years old. I got exposed to a professional soccer environment early on which was extremely important in my career. I practiced with the best players and competed against the best players in Germany my entire youth. Being part of a professional team has many advantages. You learn the basics of the game from professional coaches and you are simply better than your peers. Early exposure to professional training methods was the key to my development as a player. I played for over 10 years for Hertha BSC in Germany and received a full ride at the University of San Diego because of this. Read more>>

Kevin Wilkerson | Travel & Nightlife Journalist

I came up with the idea for PubClub.com when I was going into bars while traveling and discovered that there is a locals’ routine and the nights they go to certain places. At the time there was no guide to inform other travelers about this very valuable information so I became the first to do it. I began to ask locals, take notes and develop the basics for a content-oriented website focusing on nightlife, lifestyle and travel. Read more>>