We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Jill G. Hall | Artist & Author

I believe in the power of intuitive writing: the practice of learning to trust the heart-hand connection. I’ve learned to let go of outlines, plans, and expectations and allow the power of intuition to guide me through the writing process. I create with my heart first, and not my mind. I write every day. All of my first drafts are composed in my journal and not on a computer. I usually write to prompts such a short phrase, photo or nature outside my window. I’m also spurred on when I write in community and weekly facilitate a drop-in group to keep me going through San Diego Writers, Ink. Like Anne the character in my series, I’m also a visual artist who creates mosaics intuitively using found objects. I start with a base such as a vintage tray, old box or rusty horseshoe. Read more>>

Branden Cobb | Vice President of Marketing

Consistent hard work. Never giving up and continuing to push ahead. Having the vision that things will get better and better through persistence, which has occurred both in every business situation I have been in and personal life situation one way or another. Learning to express. Open, honest and transparent communication. I used to keep ideas internal and years ago a mentor told me I had good ideas and to be more vocal with them. As I started to speak up more and more, not every idea was good, but there were enough good ideas I presented and executed on which others received well that it continued building my confidence and comfort with expressing. Keeping focused on the main thing, whatever that may be. Setting goals and not worrying so much about any one path to achieve them, but evaluate based on the final result. I am very much a results oriented person. Read more>>

Colin Simpson | Owner / Design Director

Consistency, perseverance, and a willingness to keep learning. I learned these habits from playing sports as a kid. I think you can transfer a lot of skills from athletics to your career. I practice as much as I can. That’s the consistency. It’s essential for success. I also practice perseverance in the face of adversity. Whether it’s not landing a project, or just getting frustrated with the process, sticking with it has always reaped rewards in my career. And finally, constantly learning. I’m mostly self-taught in UX design and web development. I believe with enough time and resources like the internet, you can learn anything. Right now I have been focussing on improving my communication and management skills. Most designers don’t spend a lot of time in these areas, but I think it’s crucial in business. With practice, perseverance, and continual learning, I truly believe anyone can be successful. Read more>>

Anoki Casey | Creative Director & Designer

Looking back not at my own habits, but the habits of others, I would say a sense of fearlessness when it comes to the tools I use, as well as researching these tools and the techniques they elicit, that has truly helped me succeed in ways I have sought out. I am not afraid to click every button, try every setting, or test each feature; knowing in some way it can all be returned to a blank slate if needed. I feel that maybe people are afraid to allow a computer interface to outsmart them, or uncover an enormity of information they didn’t know was available. Sometimes this large amount of information on a topic, say in design or in craft, needs to be sectioned out into segments that you can personally digest, and I’m unsure many know where to start. All experimentation and play with the tools of the trade and the tactics behind their successful use is for the benefit of your current project as well as future endeavors. Read more>>