We asked some of the city’s rising stars about why they think they have been so successful and we’ve shared their responses below.

Janette Jacinto | Entrepreneur, Influencer & Beauty Advisor

There’s quite a few but some major ones would be ▪︎ getting up early ▪︎reading, especially self development books ▪︎setting goals ▪︎talking and hanging around people who inspire me, who have goals, who support you. ▪︎challenging myself and stepping out of my comfort zone ▪︎having a positive mindset ▪︎learning that failing is part of succeeding ▪︎getting back up if I fail ▪︎stop comparing myself to other people ▪︎staying true to myself. Read more>>

Patty Norman | Wedding & Branding Photographer

After photographing my first wedding, there was almost like this moment of clarity in regards what I wanted my life to look like and the direction I wanted to head in. So when I knew I wanted to photograph weddings, I knew it would be important to immerse myself in the wedding industry language, learn marketing, learn how to actually run a successful wedding day, learn the legalities of the business and how to properly communicate with clients. So everyday for almost 6 months I spent between 4-5 hours at coffee shops, reading about wedding photography, watching YouTube videos on how to pose clients, I listened to Instagram lives, and followed people on social media I aspired to be like. All this was done after work, when I was tired, and could have easily gone home to rest, I instead forced myself into an environment where I had no choice but to succeed. You know they say Fake it till you Make it, well I did it all. Read more>>

Bill Brennan | Principal, Insurance Brokerage & Consulting

I have always tried to focus on these three habits in my career: -Put others interest first (Respect, Empathy, Kindness) -Execute on promised task/deliverables -Honest / Transparent communication I try to work under these habits daily. Read more>>

Jeanine Ertl | Owner, Weaver, Dyer + Educator

Out of all of of my habits, I think that being persistent is likely the one that has brought me the most success. It has led me into year 5 of my business and into a space where I can confidently say that it’s continued successful growth is inevitable…if I only continue keeping at it. Sometimes this determined tenacity keeps me plucking away at a problem that I know is solvable. Think: long nights with an excel spreadsheet. Other times it’s the determination to keep trying, even when things aren’t working the way I’d envisioned. This is apt to happen pretty much daily. And I think, most crucial, is when this persistence keeps me returning to the table, even when I feel low, ask the big questions, find uncertainty, and, after a break to get grounded, reflect and dream, resume to pick myself back up and keep going. Read more>>

Susan Hannifin-MacNab | Social Worker, Educator & Author

My older brother and I were raised by two outstanding parents who instilled a value system that encouraged specific lifestyle habits. My mother was a Nurse Practitioner, who spent her career helping and healing others in the local community. My father was a Pilot in the US Navy, who spent his career serving the country both at home and abroad. Structure, order, discipline, commitment, charity, education and service to others were expectations that carried over into my daily adult life. I owe them such gratitude! I have incorporated these daily habits into my life and I feel they help me succeed: 1) I exercise often… which gives me structure, order, discipline- and good health! 2) I stay committed to my career… which allows me to help others globally as a social worker. 3) I volunteer my time, treasure and talent to others… which provides a win-win situation for all involved. 4) I continue to educate myself both personally and professionally… which increases my awareness of the world around me. 5) I work at maintaining a growth mindset… which bolsters my optimism that all things are truly possible. Read more>>