We asked some of the most interesting folks in the community to open up about how they think about taking chances and the role risk has played in their lives and careers. Risk is by far the topic folks talk to us most about and we hope the responses below will help shed light on many different perspectives.

Neil Trachy | Marketing Professional & Content Creator

There’s value in taking risks – having the confidence to really take a chance on something, fortune favors the bold and all that. But when it comes to big decisions, I always try to have the best possible understanding of the risks involved before taking the leap. Like there’s this romantic idea of quitting a job – just doing it on the spot after telling off your boss or something. And sure you can do that, but just because quietly planning an exit isn’t as exciting as storming out, doesn’t mean it’s not the better plan. It’s necessary to take risks sometimes, but you can be smart about it too. Read more>>

Bianca Lopez | Entrepreneur, Owner of Elevated Magic

Risk taking is what has me here today. If we don’t take risk, we don’t grow, we don’t challenge ourselves, we don’t elevate. I’m comfortable with risk taking because I believe in myself. I am my number one fan and my toughest critic, but by strong faith makes risk taking comfortable because I know what’s meant for me will come to me. I don’t get emotional when my risks “fail” or don’t work out because it wasn’t my timing. I don’t want any blessing that aren’t meant for me. You can’t go into any situation especially business doubting yourself. Take risk, be uncomfortable and be your number one fan. Not even the skies the limit. Read more>>

Bri Hamlet | Certified Health Educator & Yoga Instructor

Risk is necessary, whether we realize it or not. We’re all risk takers, but the differentiator is whether we bet on ourselves or tried-and-true systems in front of us. I realize now that I love taking risks because I always bet on myself. Being a risk taker is the reason I’m an entrepreneur – I believed enough in my ability to succeed in the yoga industry to invest thousands of dollars in training, spend hours preparing for auditions, and allot years of my life to promoting what I can offer. Every time I bet on myself, I remember that the worst thing anyone could tell me is ‘no,’ and that calculated risk is worth it every time. Read more>>

Montana Pritchard | Commercial Photographer

Funny enough, it has never crossed my mind that leaving the business world at the ripe young age of 25 and starting my own photography business was a risk. I knew i wasn’t happy so to me the real risk was getting stuck at a job because my lifestyle required me to make a certain amount of money. I have always based every decision on a combination of real world numbers and my absurdly always optimistic outlook. And at the end of the day i know if I’m wrong it will be a learning experience. Read more>>

Lauren Berengo | Entrepreneur & Fashion Designer

I think that taking risks is one of the most important, perhaps even the most important thing you can do for personal/business development. Having the ability to take that leap of faith and go for that job, or start that business already sets you apart from 80% of the crowd. I have found personally, the bigger the risk, the harder I have worked to make sure that things play out the way I envision. I’m someone who would much rather take the risk than to never even give it a shot – I don’t want any “what ifs” or “I should have…” leftover at the end of my life. Read more>>

Os Aponte | Strength & Conditioning Coach/Co-Owner of Iron Core Oceanside

My penchant for taking risks comes from my understanding that I like routines and that life inevitably is about change. Following a routine has been an excellent way for me to follow through with goals and challenging situations as far back as I can remember. By simply defining the purpose and creating a plan to reach such goal, we can enhance the probability that we will reach our goals, but this isn’t always possible, as we well know. Read more>>

Jeremy Storton | Beer Educator and Freelance Mixed-Media Content Producer.

I believe many people have an unhealthy perspective about risk. All of life is risky. We are far more likely to be in a car accident than be bitten by a shark, yet we all fear sharks and don’t think twice about driving every day. If the pandemic and even the 2008 recession taught us anything, it’s that our perception of safety and security can be shaken from under our feet without warning. Due to this perspective, for me, it is far more rewarding and secure to work for myself and build a diversified skill set along with building a higher level of knowledge and authority in a business that has weathered every storm for thousands of years. Read more>>

Rachael Guillermo | Licensed Esthetician & Makeup Artist

Do it! Say YES. One thing I have learned through all my experiences in both personal and professional, I have held myself back many times because I was too afraid to take risks and I was too afraid of failure. Growing up, I was that shy girl, the one who never took initiative or barely even wanted to be the first to say hello. As I grew older and surrounded myself with people who are risk takers (and it’s still a self-battle today) but, I learned to take more risks and learned to accept that failure was a possibility but that it was okay. Read more>>

Janet Alarcon | Certified Massage Therapist

Risk is fear instilled in us to think that we are incapable of accomplishing what our minds know we are capable of doing. I let my fear of failing stop me for many years. I stopped massaging for 10 years because I would tell myself that it wouldn’t take me far in the industry, I wouldn’t make money of just massaging, and that I wasn’t good enough, I allowed fear stop me from taking the risk of starting massaging again. I put my self doubt and fear to the side and decided to take that risk for start all over. I was so proud, smiling from ear to ear thinking wow I can’t believe I did this, I truly went for it. Read more>>

Sara Hansen | Professional Golfer

Risk has been a massive part of my career! I have chosen to pursue a career as a professional golfer but it has been extremely challenging. My whole life I’ve been involved in athletics and golf has definitely become my biggest passion. With passion comes a lot of heartbreak which I have had my fair share when it comes to the sport, but something has always kept me coming back! I played golf through junior high, high school, and college but when I graduated in 2019 the country shut down and being recently married I couldn’t afford to golf anymore. Read more>>

Marie Stark | Actress & Creator

I think risk-taking is imperative. When I look over the course of my life, I know risk has played a substantial role in not only my ability to succeed, but my ability to grow and evolve. Being the first-generation born American, I moved to Los Angeles from Houston, Texas after graduating college. At the age of 21, I essentially uprooted my whole life in Texas for my dreams of being a working actress in LA. I had no proof my dreams would come true. Read more>>