We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

David Rykowski | Director of Retail

As a non profit entity, all net profits go directly to the company’s medical and dental clinics, helping all in need to receive health care. Read more>>

Kurt Buske | Health and Aging Executive

I work with two businesses that both have a significant social impact. In my work as President of A Better Solution In Home Care, I help people who are interested in starting a home care business under our brand via development of franchise locations in communities across the United States. We currently have 15 locations around the country. Home care is really one of the most powerful services in regards to enabling older adults to remain in their home as opposed to needing to move into a residential care facility. In light of COVID-19, home care is becoming an increasingly important option for older adults and their families to consider as they need help with their activities of daily living. Home is where most older adults want to be, and home care can help them stay at home as opposed to needing to live in a facility. Read more>>

Mary Scarpati | Owner & President

RMS Laser Group has been very fortunate during this pandemic that we have not shut down. We manufacture many critical medical components. We were called upon to produce Face Shields for Rady Children’s Hospital on March 24th as well as other hospitals in our area. Our facility was able to keep operations going safely with one person in each room or department. Next we partnered with a local plastics supplier to make protective acrylic Barriers so businesses could remain open and reopen safely. We also shared the open source design of the Face Shield with hundreds of countries all over the world so they could make the shields in their area. We are very grateful to be of service and have purpose in this very difficult time. Read more>>