We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Nadia Rubio | Marine Biologist

An essential activity in the nonprofit I lead besides scientific research is science communication. I believe scientific knowledge needs to be expressed in different forms so that broad audiences can access relevant scientific information and can help improve how humans interact and take care of nature. This is critical, especially nowadays when many environmental disasters are happening worldwide. Mar Sustentable´s social media have become a platform that has allowed me to express this personal interest. Read more>>

Beth Thorp | Philanthropist/Author/Speaker

We make a positive social impact through the Mitchell Thorp Foundation a public 501c3 organization. Whose mission is to; Support families whose children suffer from life-threatening illnesses, diseases, and disorders by providing financial, emotional, and resources to their desperate situation. Read more>>

Tommy Tozzi | Entrepreneur

With the current state of the world; my leading thought in starting a business now was how can I create life lasting experiences in the physical and bring various age groups together at the same time. Hotline Hobby was born to do just that! Our mission is simple; bring hands on excitement and mechanical experiences to a world over indulged by digital experiences. Read more>>

Loren Shoop | Founder Ulu Mana

Our business helps the economy of Hawaii in a few ways. 1. We purchase locally grown produce from small farmers in Hawaii. There are usually no brokers either so the full price of the produce is paid directly to the farmer. 2. we manufacture in Hawaii where we create jobs, and we purchase supplies and equipment from Hawaii based companies. On top of this Hawaii imports about 95% of its food source, by using locally grown fruits and manufacturing here, we can help Hawaii become more food secure and independent. Read more>>

Christina Crenshaw | Professional Organizing Artist

At The Lifestyle of Joy, we are more than just a business. We are organizing warriors helping people all over the world, clear their physical and mental clutter. Our goal is to leave all of our clients with less stress, a beautiful home and more time for joy! I am also so passionate about giving back to our communities. A portion of our sales are donated to the No Kid Hungry foundation, every month, to help feed children in need. Read more>>

Kia Edwards | Founder, CEO, and EDUpreneur

At Champion Instructors Education & Training we embedded equity, diversity, and inclusivity in learning into our mission. Our mission statement says, “as strength-based educators, our mission is to create innovative and conceptual education products for in-person and virtual learners of all ages, learning styles, cultural backgrounds, and professions.” Read more>>