We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Ethan West | CEO & Founder

Our business is rooted in bringing the best food FOR the world, to the world. There is a lot of buzz right now around regenerative agriculture, alternative proteins, plant-based everything and ultra-processed alternatives to naturally occurring food. We take an approach that seems progressive because we have, as a society, gotten so far disconnected from the sources of our food. Read more>>

Mark Frohnmayer | Founder and CEO of Arcimoto

Based in Eugene, Oregon, Arcimoto designs and manufactures three-wheeled electric vehicles for everyday use for everyday people. We believe that by right-sizing, electrifying, and better utilizing our rides, we can reclaim our urban space, clean our air, and make our cities more livable for everyone. At the core of all of our vehicle products is a flexible and scalable platform that we can optimize for many uses: daily driving, destination rentals and tours, last-mile delivery, emergency response, general fleet utility, and just plain joyful driving. Read more>>

Joe Hunter | Youth Sports Coach and Mentor

I would have to say that our business helps our community of Compton “by allowing kids from Compton from the same community to be a part of something from their very own neighborhood and to be coached by two coaches that grew up in the same area that they are. By being coached by myself and coach Keith. They’re able to see that there is more to the stigma of Compton that’s out there and with that, when they travel the states for Track meets. They’re able to be proud to represent their city, Compton, CA proudly, across their chest and on their back. Read more>>

Dali Parker | Chula Vista Brewery Co-Founder

We make beer! Our breweries were built with community in mind, first and foremost- we wanted to bring craft beer which was lacking in our neighborhood. If no one was bringing it because our demographics were overlooked, we created it in our community walking distance from our home. Our taprooms were designed to be used fully by our community for all events, we are family friendly- pet friendly and we know first hand that beer brings people of all backgrounds together. Read more>>