TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Nina Francis | Singer-Songwriter

Success is happiness and fulfillment. Read more>>

Emily Dang | Photographer & Medical Assistant

A lot of trial and error, whenever I want to take risks, I usually let it play out for a couple of months while considering all other possibilities. If the outcome of that risk is just a minor setback, I have a security blanket and push forward while taking another path. I never take a risk if the results don’t benefit me in any way. Read more>>

Mokshini Godamunne | Illustrator

I love this question because its something that I’ve pondered about a lot. In my younger days, I associated success with achieving specific accolades, partnering with certain brands, and even having/buying certain things- I soon realized that success is subjective- much like art, and to constantly be in a state where I was thinking about future ‘success’ meant I would never really be in the present. I learnt to reflect and recognize past achievements- its just about creating a balance. One day, I came to this epiphany after speaking to an emerging artist, who said “I cant wait to be like you one day”. I realized I was her idea of success- perhaps, me doing my craft everyday, and doing what I love is success in itself, maybe I don’t need to have that other stuff. Read more>>

Luciqano Demasi | Artist & Scientist

I have always followed my dreams and passions in both my profession and art activities. The challenges are there every day: there is always something new and difficult to learn. Behind every photo there is an adventure. Reaching a remote location in the desert, interpreting the light conditions, selecting the camera settings and deciding how to process the infrared image. Everything is interconnected and cannot be repeated. Each moment is unique, each image has a story to share. Read more>>

Alana Jenks | Social Media Influencer

I believe that we should consider an additional perspective on success. To me, the definition of success transcends the domain of the business world. It encompasses emotion. Feeling. Mood. Connection. Success is about smiles. To me, being successful is when you put a genuine smile on someone’s face. Whether it is because you helped a person with something, did something nice for them, or simply made a hilarious joke. Read more>>