We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Viktoriia Simakova | Co-founder of nonprofit organization Help Ukraine Now

Many of us watch the news every day and see the horrors and atrocities happening in Ukraine at the moment. Many of us get frustrated as it seems that people cannot do much about it. I know I couldn’t stay aside and just watch, I had an urge to do what I can to help people in Ukraine as much as possible. Thus, nonprofit organization Help Ukraine Now focuses on helping people in Ukraine by delivering medicine and other humanitarian aid in most affected areas in Ukraine and providing trusted nonprofits on the ground with funds so that they are able to deliver food, clothes and other necessities to the people suffering from russian aggression. Read more>>

Paola Vazquez | Lifestyle influencer and legal attorney

Since the pandemic, a lot of small and medium business have been very affected all over the world, but mostly in the regions were tourism is so important. I am a tax attorney, but also with this situation going, my routine changed completely; courts were closed and our clients were afraid, so my work just stopped. I had to do something for me, for all the people around me, cheer us up and putting aside the hard time we were all passing through because of the pandemic. Read more>>

Amayajane | Artist, Photographer & Clothing Designer

My businesses focuses solely on self-love and promotes supporting each other as a community and healing in order to truly fulfill our purpose. I hope to inspire the utmost confidence in people and to break down society’s beauty standards. To truly love one self is a journey to peace of mind. I also encourage people to believe in themselves and their abilities, not just their physical appearance. There is so much talent and potential that people do not see in themselves, I hope to help them see it. Read more>>