We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Tina Frantz | Designer, Fashion and Interiors

As an eco-conscious brand, our mission is to spread awareness about the damaging effects of ‘fast fashion.’ This refers to the huge corporations who’ve sped up the fashion industry’s cycles of Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer into 2 week cycles with a constant, steady stream of inexpensive, trendy clothing being consumed by the Western world. This has sped up our appetite for clothing as well, leading to more consumption which leads to more textile waste, which leads to more landfill dump which leads to more greenhouse gasses which leads to quite the environmental toll.  Read more>>

Elisha Harteis | Assistant Director

At Allez!, we offer a public-access venue to promote the globally emerging art form of mural art with an innovative lighted alley-wall mounting system to offset muralisic art panels against a traditional brick narrative. Allez believes publicly displayed fine art softens the edges of industry and reminds us all of our humanity. Allez’s innovative programming of fine arts in an urban alleyway setting of Missoula downtown sows more seeds of imagination and creation; fostering inclusion and ownership that leads to individual happiness and a thriving community. Read more>>

Amanda Reiman | Social Scientist

I believe that the industrialization of the modern food supply has been one of the biggest threats to global health. As plant medicines become more prevalent in the modern medicine cabinet, and the use of plants for spiritual healing more accepted, I am concerned that we will see the same trajectory as we have with food-processed, cheap and devoid of it’s natural value, paired with a disconnect between the shiny packaged good and it’s source. Read more>>