We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Nick Nguyen | President First Responder Whiskey Society | Certified Specialist of Spirits

The First Responder Whiskey Society is currently a Facebook group of around 1700+ police, fire, military, and medical staff from around the United States, Europe, and Australia. The group is built on establishing a place on social media for first responders of all disciplines can connect over their shared love of whiskey. The primary focuses of the group are currently: whiskey educational tastings (online and eventually in person) and charity work. The charity work we do involves purchasing barrels of whiskey from various distilleries. The barrel is named after a fallen officer, released to members of that officer’s department, family/friends of the officer, and members of our group. The barrel is sold and portions of the proceeds are donated to a 501(c) charity in the first responder’s name as a designated donation to help out the family. Our latest barrel pick allowed us to donate $4000 to the Riverside Deputy Sheriffs’ Relief Fund as well as raise nearly an additional $1000 from bars in the area. Read more>>

Carolyn Pedersen-Howard | Online Yoga Teacher

Yoga is an amazing practice for one’s mind, body, and soul – but a lot of people have yet to discover the many benefits of the practice. The acts of breathing, stretching, and toning of the body have both immediate and cumulative beneficial effects: including strengthening one’s mind-body connection. However, due to self-limiting beliefs about how flexible one needs to be prior to exploring yoga and/or how they need to look, many people are intimidated by or hesitant about trying yoga. Or they try yoga and don’t have a very positive introductory experience, and vow never to return. I try to gently nurture my students by making my classes attainable, gentle, and fun – with lots of options and an approach that honors wherever one is at in their practice. I want to break down previous barriers and spread the love of yoga around, I focus on the most important things: that we’ve carved out this time for self-care, and are breathing, moving, and honoring our bodies! So how does yoga help the community? When people take the time for their self-care and practice yoga they become a little more at ease. Read more>>

Timothy Sentamu | Finance and Administration GirlNow Foundation

GirlNow Foundation is a non profit organization whose goal is aimed at empowering young girls to overcome financial dependence so that they can self reliant. For this case therefore, we engage in different communities of Uganda, empowering girls through social and economic training sessions. We do not only work with the young girls, we also go ahead to approach their parents, brothers, community leaders and everyone else who co-exists with the adolescent girls in their communities. Read more>>

Malinee Churanakoses | Co-Founder and Operations

My business helps the community of women going through a divorce because the platform brings female experts in the field of divorce, some of who have gone through divorce themselves. In addition my sister the CEO and myself, a Co-Founder, have also both gone through divorce, so we can relate to every single woman and provide a safe and nurturing place to get access to information as you go through your divorce. Read more>>

Kelston Moore | Executive Chef

As a minority male, I am and will always be in the fight for a better life and community. Therefore, any project or business venture I am involved in should reflect that. From every aspect of my brand, from Feed the Homeless to the Date Night Chef, it is all geared towards that goal. For instance, feed the homeless is self explanatory. No one in this country should be homeless, but at the very least, they can be fed. I like to think I tackle one ongoing issue in our community head on, which is poverty. Furthermore, another issue in our community is broken homes. Not only is it an issue, I believe is it paramount in the disenfranchisement of my people. The Date Night Chef helps bring the romance and love aspect back in our homes, This is essential to the family dynamic. Read more>>