Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Luis Othon Villegas-Solis | Architect

Taking risks has been challenging; the fear of losing or not doing things correctly can be a paralyzing factor that does not lead to good results. My story is about risks, difficulties, dogmas, and knowing to lose. During my childhood, I did not know about risks; I believe that before adolescence, most children lacked knowledge about what risks meant. Instead of risks, these can be seen as challenges. My childhood in school revolved around getting the best grades and scores and winning at all costs where you had to win. Read more>>

Therese Misner | Abstract artist and cartoonist

Risk and making art walk hand in hand. If you are going to be successful in the art world, I believe you have to be willing to take some risks. Maybe a lot of risks. Diving into an art career has a romantic and exciting appeal to many, but the reality is getting started can be difficult. When you move from the hobbyist to selling your art, it’s like any small business. Family and friends who support you are priceless but when you move to push your art into the outside world, through shows, online exhibits, and galleries, reality can set in. Read more>>

Chelsea Pilipiszyn | Retail Manager and Baker

If you had told me five years ago that I would be doing what I do now I would never have believed it. Up until my second year of college, I was certain I was destined to be a veterinarian. I spent the majority of my college career invested in a future in the sciences. My plan to be a veterinarian eventually shifted to an interest in biomedical lab work. Then later into working in Student Affairs, and then eventually into the career I am finally pursuing as my side hustle: running my own business as a baker. I have learned that risk-taking is so critical to becoming the next best version of myself. Read more>>

Victoria Gutierrez | Photographer

I think risks necessary to grow. You never know what could happen just by reaching out and asking, or simply being nice to someone. Its crazy how many gigs and dope opportunities I’ve gotten just by doing that. My mom would always tell me, “Worse case scenario, your in the same spot your already in, best case scenario an opportunity opens up.” Read more>>

Ashley Munson | Designer & Illustrator

Risk requires passion. I think it’s important to take risks to grow and push yourself into uncomfortable territory. Those moves can bring new opportunities, make you grow as a person and sometimes make you discover something new about yourself and the abilities you have. For me, taking on a freelance career has been a risk, but I have always been passionate about doing my own thing. I was the one to have the lemonade stand out front of our house, sell my handmade jewelry at the 5th grade craft market, and paint custom shoes for my classmates in middle school. I knew whatever self made career I was going to pursue, was going to be fueled by my passion even if it meant taking a risk. Read more>>

Danielle Colbeck | Visual/Verbal Artist & Music Addict

Risk exists in many forms, be them calculated or unknown. Anytime one is faced with decision-making or having to make a choice/change, there is always an element of risk as far as any choice one elects to embark upon.
Some risks can be intuitively determined prior to making a move or choice, whereas other forms of risks may not have even been considered, which is where elements of “hindsight” and “lesson learning” becomes potentially applicable. Read more>>