We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Heidi Ledger | Human Being, Store Owner & Advocate

The most important factor behind our success at Thread Spun is our commitment to our ethics and our mission. It is our firm belief that paying fair wages to people, whether they are creating the goods we sell in the shop or working front or back of store, creates real socioeconomic change on a micro-level that then radiates outward. We love supporting small, independent makers, especially women – who are proven to invest heavily in their families and communities when they are compensated fairly. Read more>>

Rhiannon Menn | Mama, chef, and adventurer

I think one of the most important factors behind the success of Lasagna Love is, I just kept saying yes. You want to cook in San Diego, and wonder if there are enough families to go around? Yes! I’ll make you a custom google sheets to assign you some delivery matches. You heard about us through a friend and want to start cooking in Florida? Yes! I’ll figure out how to replicate our Facebook outreach model in a new city and state. You want to share the work we’ve been doing to celebrate good neighbor day? Read more>>

Carly Ferry | Carly Ferry – Realtor

The most important factor in our success has been putting our clients wants and needs as the number one priority while guiding them through the process of achieving the highest price for their home and negotiating on their behalf. Everyone has different aspects that are important to them and we cater to each client personally so that their wants are achieved. Our goal is that once our clients have bought and sold they are raving fans and new friends. The majority of our business comes from referrals so our clients satisfaction is achieved through integrity, knowledge and hard work, while delivering top-quality service. Read more>>

Adrian Armenta | Marketplace eCommerce Leader

My inability to accept the status quo makes me successful. Most people are okay with doing the bare minimum, and not taking enough risk to have a real impact. I have never wanted to just be another normal person. Aspirations of wanting more for myself have been inside me since I was a child. It developed while I was watching my single immigrant mother raise three boys. She had no financial opportunity for college, divorced, and still cared for her children with a tremendous amount of love. She had to grow up fast, working since she was able to support her mother and family; I admire the call to action she took. I know that the same hunger is inside of me. Read more>>

Stephen Bernard | Active Duty Naval Officer & Real Estate Agent

The focus of the “San Diego Steve” brand is to provide a value-add approach to buying or selling real estate. Several years prior to earning my license and starting this brand, I began in the real estate industry as an investor. At first, the asset class was a mystery and the myriad of investing strategies were foreign. Even the language of real estate was alien. My daily drive is to supply my depth of investing knowledge into every real estate interaction- no strings attached, especially to our veteran community. Read more>>