The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance. What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Leslie “LJ” Sharman, Alex ” Benny” Bennetts | Hairstylists

In order to achieve something great your life can’t be balanced all the time. It takes sacrifice to achieve greatness. The balance comes in seasons. We are still a young company with a small team so we need to stay motivated. We like to think about accomplished athletes who achieve greatness. They are obsessed with the work, not just getting to the final destination. We like to put ourselves in that mindset. We had to change how we perceive balance. It’s a long game and right now it’s time to work. We do still find time to take vacations and hang out with friends but those are not our top priorities. Read more>>

Steve Harlow | Contemporary Fine Art Painter, husband, and father.

When I graduated with an BA in Art from a CSU Sonoma, I was ready for Graduated School, expecting to move from rural Sonoma County to urban San Francisco seeking an MFA from San Francisco Arts Institute. However, my wife went to India to be with the teenager she accepted as a Guru, leaving me to raise our son, who was then a tender two years old. I stayed in our rural area for the next ten years. During the period, I accepted as my first job was to provide a loving home for my son. My second job was to develop my art practice through regular studio. Relating to the first, my third job was to earn a wage, which I started doing with part-time employment in local businesses. Read more>>

Juliana Collins | Short Term Rental Co-Owner and Manager

When my family first started working on reshaping the family house in Del Mar from a family home into a short term rental, we were faced with many challenges in finding balance between our work, our family time, and our free time. To give some context into our business model, after many years of being a family house, it became clear that the aging house that my grandma, Julie Brownell Sr. and my grandpa Joel Brownell had built in the 1970s was in dire need of not only a facelift but some major TLC in order to bring it into the modern rental market. Initially, our aim was to update the property enough and make the necessary repairs such as to have the property be a long term rental. Read more>>

Bernard Lebel | Founder & CEO

When I first launched the California Sock Company, I worked over 100 hours a week, running the full end to end operation of the business. I ensured that I was aware of everything and perfected the operating model. As the business grew, I was able to hire a team to work in roles that fit into the system that we set up. In addition, as I invested in myself and my growth as a leader, I started to become better at noticing opportunities and my gaps where others can bring strengths to the team. I was able to hire out for those positions and build a strong team that could run the operations of the business, while my focus turned to the growth of the company. This set up a great balance for me to invest into my family… And this year our family grew.  Read more>>