There is a wealth of academic research that suggests that differences in risk appetite are at the heart of differences in career and business trajectories. We wanted to go beyond the theory and ask real people from the community about their perspectives and experiences with risk and risk taking.

Hai Le | Film Director & Film Editor

For me, risk taking is necessary to grow as a human being, to become a better version of yourself, and to get one step closer to whatever you want to achieve in your life. My parents took a risk and immigrated to Germany from Vietnam in order to live a better life and to provide for their family, although they didn’t speak the language or know anything about the country. I learned from them that risk taking is an essential step to take in order to get to where you want to be in your life. Read more>>

Alicia Perry | Bar Manager

I suppose I find there to be an association between risk and opportunity. It’s all about how you look at the situation or option. Riskier choices push us our of our comfort zone, or feel to be irrational at times, hence we aim to evade them. I found that taking risks in my career has allowed me to go down paths that I would not have traditionally ventured. In turn it has enabled me to become more self aware, and develop a better understanding of where I see myself. Read more>>

Mikael Senninge | Cinematographer / Filmmaker

I believe risk is essential in our work life and in our personal life. By taking a risk we offer ourselves the opportunity for a positive outcome which is an improvement over the current state we’re in. It is to avoid complacency and to constantly take leaps that have a possibility for failure because the alternative is the absence of progress. But when we decide to do something risky, we have to do it responsibly and manage the chances of success and failure, and measure how valuable the positive outcome is and if it’s worth the risk. Read more>>

Kierstie Payge Porr | Yoga + Meditation Instructor | Retreat Curator | Yoga Teacher Trainer | Mindful Marketer

We all know that nothing grows from our comfort zones. This has been something that has resonated with me my entire life. The path less traveled is often the one that encourages a leap of faith, and a willingness to step outside of what feels safe. The pursuit of our dreams and the rollercoaster ride that comes along with that journey requires grit and resilience to see it through. Adversity breeds growth. Struggle is what makes our story one worth telling! Read more>>

BRIAN BATES | Beertender & Influencer

Risks don’t have to be reckless. Some people fear taking risks, and I think most times that’s what holds us back from success. I personally bet on myself when making the decision to relocate to San Diego from Michigan. I bet on myself in order to make a better life for my kids. I had and still have a vision of success in craft beer, marketing, brand management as well as the face of craft beer. Read more>>

Daniel Cono | Card Game Designer & Handyman

I believe everything that we as human beings choose, whether consciously or not, in our waking hours are all our own personal risk taking factors in which we exhibit everyday. Risks and their perceived magnitude (*or lack there of) still can have eventual consequences or immediate impact. What risks we choose, or choose to avoid, are the building blocks of each of our live’s trajectory – in any given facet of what it means being alive. I believe taking risks for the reasons of personal growth, like learning patience and accepting the pain of failure, gives one the tools to build themselves anew. Read more>>

LeVance Rucker | Actor

Risk taking is probably one of the main factors of ending up where I am now. The most major risk I made was moving from Kansas City away from all of my family, a full time job and all I knew to pursue a career in acting here in California. And while I’ve had my challenges, it’s been a risk that’s been extremely worth it. Submitting and auditioning for film roles that were outside of the description of what the directors/producers were asking for and still being cast are other risks that paid off. I reflect on these things a lot in my life when I’m thinking about what to do next. Just press Go. Read more>>

R’Minda Madison Russell | Business Owner & Blogger

The only risk you should avoid at all costs is the risk of doing nothing. When it comes to taking risks, most of us quiver at the thought of failing. Taking a leap of faith off of a gut feeling and a personal dream is no easy task. We have all heard the phrase, “get comfortable being uncomfortable,” and there is no better way of describing what risk feels like. It’s uncomfortable as all being, but absolutely necessary. Life continues whether we are ready for it or not and It’s on us to take action. Taking risks means taking control of your destiny. Read more>>

Tony Sosa | Salon Manager

Before I answered this question, I researched the definition of ‘risk’. What I’ve read and learned is that it’s exposure to danger, harm, or loss. But, I, personally, would like to consider the term ‘risk’ on the contrary perhaps. It’s exposure to the unknown, the act of being brave, the thought that there is always a light at the end of everyone’s tunnel. We all take risks in life (and, especially in our careers). I’ve taken many. At the risk of sounding redundant, risks in life are what motive us to do better. I’ve made mistakes in my life. Read more>>

arthur Johnson | An actor, writer, filmmaker, director, podcaster.

What do I think about taking risk and the roles it played in my career? Taking risk is my forte. It’s what separates me from the pack. I’ve been taking risks since I was a kid, it became second nature. You can’t lose when it comes to taking risks… if you succeed at the impossible, or the unknown, in which, the majority of people would be scared to conquer… you would greatly reap the benefits. But if you fail… you can try again, take another path, or choose another goal, or go back to what you was doing before the risk. Nothing gained is not a lost. Taking risks is what made me, who I am today… Read more>>