There’s a fork in the road, a choice to be made. Sometimes the choice is irrelevant in the grand scheme of life, but other times choices forever change the trajectory of your life. We asked folks what the single most important decision in their life has been.

Amanda Jo | Organic Beauty Retailer

For me, the ultimate measure of success is to be happy and free. One of my favorite quotes said it best, “Freedom lies in being bold.” I believe that to have true success you have to have a flawless vision followed by the courage to be bold and to take calculated risks! Marching to the beat of my own drum has not only made me the happiest but also successful at what I do! Read more>>

Justin Quandt | Dance Studio Owner and Instructor

Oh! That’s a tough one! I find so many moments in life equally important that can contribute to where someone is at in the present day. I have to say, 1 huge decision I made, was to take a professional dance job that landed me in the magical city of Paris, France for 5 years. Living overseas for over 7 years of my professional career has taught me so many things about cultures, humans, the dance industry, life, and so much more. Being from a small town in Iowa, the chance to live there was absolutely wonderful. I could go on for days. It opened up my world. Read more>>

Monica Picazo | Hair Stylist

Working for myself is very important on its own. That goes for any small business or business owner, i would think. This question is so loaded. I feel like the hair world is so big but we are all connected by one simple thing: a brand or an educator or a technique. I know for certain that one thing all successful stylist can agree on is EDUCATION. With this industry, education isn’t just one class. It is the ongoing hunger and pushing the edge to changing and transforming along with the times, the fashion, the desire for something new. Read more>>

Michelle Martain | Mexican Wine Importer and Distributor

Besides the fact that working for myself was a priority, I think perseverance has been a key for my business, and love for what I do. I am proud to work around people that share the same passion around me… Read more>>

Tysen Knight | Artist & Mentor

Besides cultivating my talents, I would say the most important decision I’ve made to contribute to my success as an artist is the act of Inspiring and Giving without looking for anything in return. This choice gave me a clear and direct purpose on how I could impact the world thru my art and successes. It’s about more than being a talented artist and making millions of dollars, what’s more important is to share your blessings with others and uplift your community, that is the greatest wealth I can produce in this lifetime. #BeINSPIRED! Read more>>