We had the good fortune of connecting with Mozelle Armijo and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Mozelle, can you talk to us a bit about the social impact of your business?
I am an emotional wellness coach and I basically empower people by helping them regulate the stress they feel in their bodies and in their lives using a modality called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) aka tapping. In tapping, you literally tap on acupuncture points located on the head, face, and upper torso while repeating phrases and affirmations out loud. So…yes, it may look and sound weird…but what if I told you it could be the greatest thing you ever did for yourself? The work I do is largely shaped by this idea of stress. I don’t know about you, but I used to describe anything in my life that was difficult or hard as “stress” because it was indeed “stressful.” “Stress” is such a general term for a very physiological and neurological event. Stress is needed for survival and arguably stress is how our ancestors survived. But, in this day and age, stress levels are at all time highs and too much stress leads to negative physical affects in the human body and mind. You might be asking, “Well what are exactly stressful stimuli?” Stressful stimuli can come in the form of financial hardships, job struggles, family challenges, relationship woes etc. It is important to realize that despite all these things being very different, what is underneath all of these experiences is a conscious or unconscious EMOTIONAL response. The body interprets and quickly responds to these stressful experiences with a physiological cascade of hormones and neurotransmitters that ultimately shows up as a felt sense in your body. This is why the word ’emotional’ is used to describe this technqiue. You might be thinking, “Emotions? Who has time for them? I have stressors in my life and they don’t have anything to do with emotions! ” Here is some food for thought. What if I told you that emotions are simply physical, somatic manifestations in response to thoughts, feelings, events real or imagined, or past/present/future experiences? Let’s take this a step further. How do you know you feel an emotion? Mostly likely, you become aware of your emotional state by taking inventory of how your body is reacting. For example, if you are asked to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people to speak, you might feel anxiety as butterflies in the stomach. Or how about when that car cuts you off in traffic and you feel your fists clench in anger? There is this common misconception that emotions are a sign of weakness; but really, emotions are your body’s way of naturally and physically expressing multiple forms of stress. Emotions only make you “weak” if you allow yourself to be dysregulated and controlled by them, thereby making irrational, impulsive and illogical decisions. You ready to tap it out yet? Tapping is a very diverse tool that can be applied to a myriad of conditions. Tapping has been shown to be a clinically effective modality for the management of PTSD, anxiety, depression, and phobias to name just a few. Anything that creates a “stress” response in the body and mind can be used as a focus for tapping. EFT tapping has the ability to rewire non beneficial neural pathways in your brain that can contribute to negative behaviors and responses. This means that tapping gives you the ability to change any behavior, thought, or pattern that no longer serves you on a neurological and physiological level. All with your fingertips? Crazy, right? The work I do with my individual clients centers on changing patterns, thoughts, and behaviors that are associated with self worth and poor self image. Self love is foundational for aligning yourself with dream life. If you do not feel worthy or feel good enough in your own body, how can you attract and manifest the life you want? I was drawn to tapping because once I learned the basic recipe of how to tap, I was able to self regulate myself in moments of severe anxiety or spiraling thoughts. And ultimately, this degree of self empowerment is what tapping does for my clients and can do for you. You can literally tap into something more–something better–at any moment. Right now more than ever, the greatest thing one can do for yourself and for your own community is to stand regulated, empowered, and free of fear. Emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, grief are normal but at their worst, they represent emotional stressors that can paralyze you and prevent rationale, logical, and inspired action from taking place. If you can control your mind and regulate triggering thoughts, emotions, feelings, there is greater chance for peace and harmony in mind body and spirit. Tapping gives you the opportunity to tap into something more and all it takes is your finger tips.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
The biggest challenge I have encountered in my life thus far is myself. That saying “get out of your own way” hits different when you realize just how much you have been in your own way! I have realized just how many mental roadblocks and limitations I was placing on myself and how those roadblocks were causing unrest in my life. They were pervading my relationships, my self image, and my self esteem. While living from this place of low self esteem, I magnetized and attracted experiences and people that confirmed that low vibe frequency I felt deep within myself. It wasn’t until I literally tapped into something more, that I began to change from the inside out. I have learned that it is one thing to learn a self care tool and it is another to use it on a regular basis, especially when life is crazy and hectic. But, that is exactly what these self care tools like tapping are meant for—those moments of intensity when it seems like nothing will help. For me, balance is the name of the game. The way in which I have learned to see the world is based in how we can restore balance to the macrocosm (the world around us) and the microcosm (the world within us). I believe in the mind body relationship and that true peace begins in the mind and then the body will reflect this inner peace physically. The efficacy, reliability, and simplicity of tapping is something that excites me. Tapping represents a chance to really help people who might be asking themselves constantly, “How can this change? When will this end? How can I get myself out of this? Why does this keep happening to me?” These questions are your body’s way of asking for a change. I have found that tapping helps communicate with the body and mind in a way that is gentle, explorative and profound. Every issue, challenge, problem is an opportunity to listen. Tapping creates the space to allow your mind to be quiet for just enough time so you can listen deeper than you ever have before. It is my mission to help people find the silence so that they may finally be able to listen fearlessly.

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
Despite being a San Diego native, I am always learning more and more about this beautiful and huge city. San Diego has the advantage of always being a place where you can do something outside or be treated to a beautiful ocean view thanks to its endless summer vibes. So, if you are coming into the city to visit, this is what I would do if I were your tour guide. My tour of San Diego revolves around food so remember to pack your digestive enzymes and ginger tea because we are basically eating our way through San Diego. The second you land at the San Diego airport, we will swing by Point Loma Seafood and grab yummy shrimp sandwich and white clam chowder. Since we are already near Old Town, we absolutely have to check it out! There are some great gem and crystal shops here and the view from Presidio Park is amazing! After walking up hills and smelling the smells of Mexican food from Old Town, I’m assuming you would be hungry! This is the point in the schedule where we would snag a surf and turf burrito from Lucha Libre, making sure to get a ton of green sauce to accompany your meal. This place is small but who doesn’t like eating amongst luchadores? The only way out of a food coma is more food, right? From Lucha Libre, we will travel up the hill and find ourselves in North Park where the best bread pudding exists at Heaven Scent desserts. It literally is like cinnamon sugar angels are lightly dancing on your tongue. YUM. Since we already are in North Park, we can meander into Hillcrest and can grab a to go slice from Bronx Pizza and and then head over to Bird rock area–so we can dine with a view. In this stretch between La Jolla and Mission Beach, there are amazing hidden beaches. They aren’t crowded and the sunsets are so amazing! If you are into catching sunsets with an ocean view, other options include Scripps Pier or the Ocean Beach Pier. If you aren’t a rolli polli from all the food we have eaten and you are down for some dancing, the best place to go for some hip hop jams is at Whistle Stop bar during their Saturday night event, Booty Bassment. Dancing will be sure to open up your appetite so after dancing the night away, I will be sure to treat you to some ramen at 1 am at Tajima Ramen. This is just a little taste (literally) of the greatness that San Diego has to offer. There is so much to do in San Diego and even if you have a plan, allowing the spontaneity of the city to sweep you up is also really fun!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I have had many amazing mentors and teachers along the way. Naomi Janzen, Craig Weiner, and Alina Frank, Dale Teplitz, Lillian Bridges, and Tami Lynn Kent. I am so grateful for my teachers and professors from Pacific College of Health and Sciences. Many thanks to my family and close friends have not only held me accountable and but have also held me close when I needed nurturing. Thank you so much!

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