We had the good fortune of connecting with MariaFernanda Aytes-Montiel Miranda and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi MariaFernanda, why did you pursue a creative career?
Love Fern Crafts was founded because someone else believed in me, more than I ever could. So to answer that question I have to say is I pursued it because for the first time I truly believed that I could and so I did. When I was in my early twenties, I was driving my Dad & I to eat , and he brought up a conversation about how I should consider looking into Graphic Design or some kind of drawing career, because he thought I’d be great at it!

-He then pointed at a poster board and said “I mean, you can get paid to do that! ‘Imagínate!’”

And years later & after I lost him, I heard and see his words with a much more kinder lenses & filter.

I can have a career in Art, but I have to want it and believe in it.

And truthfully, I’m still in a bit of an awe two years in, that this art has taken off and I have been able to let in so much art, love and light in new ways.

I’m not the graphic design my Dad thought I would be, but I am the creative he knew I was.

Fast forward, summer of 2020, when life really was up in the air in many ways.
I took my Leap of faith with my art.

My cousin pushed me, my husband encouraged me, my Mom moved mountains to be able to help me launch my ideas.

And no words can ever thank my parents enough for believing in me, even before I believed in myself.

And for my family & friends; who have been buying my art since high school, when I painted on reusable totes.

Here’s to you too!

I truly pursued it because it was about time I believed in myself, stay true to what I love to do- Art, and love myself all in the same process.

I genuinely love that I have the opportunity to create art, decor and keepsakes, and bring that beautiful energy into peoples homes.

So thank you for those that believed me right off the start, and the new ones following my journey!

My family and friends, I love you all,

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
Love Fern Crafts is a resin shop and craft store. You can find me locally in Barrio Logan and Online. My resin shop is filled with love, it’s personal, it’s unique each time , and it’s never replicated twice. Each piece I make, every flower that is placed , every gold flake that falls, is uniquely poured. — Almost like a snowflake, it may seem the same but look closely and you realize it’s entirely different each time. I am also never afraid to do something completely different than my usual mixes and ideas. I am known for using traditional unique dry flowers , gemstones mixes , hand painted items and also, sticking to color schemes that can easily be combined with any decor. I want my pieces to be loved for years, I create them in styles I hope can easily be evolving with customer & their home. I create pieces with intentions of peace and calm, for those that are seeking that kind of magic.

Ultimately , I love each opportunity for any piece because it’s an opportunity to make a completely unique art for that person, something no one else in the world will have but them.

I create out of love and out of passion and it’s such a rewarding experience to see my pieces be displayed in people’s spaces.

Or even the times when they buy it for a loved one, to share my art with someone you care for, it’s sharing a piece of my magic.

I find it amazing to get to have this opportunity to create not just for customers but for whom they love as well.

Resin is not an easy medium. It has been many, many failed attempts at ideas I had and quite honestly, finding a positive attitude to overcome that has been difficult at times. How do you feel confident in your work if your idea failed?
And the one hard lesson I’ve come to face is; if I don’t believe in myself and my pieces , it will show just that, no love or confidence in myself.

I have to face ideas, projects, concepts, colors, with an open mind and open heart to the opportunity to create.

But the best The lesson I can share is ; If my heart & mind are not in the right place , put the material down, take a breather & come back ready to face the magic later.

I am proud that besides all the struggles I’ve talked about with you, and the struggles I talk about with my followers on Instagram, I can make the magic in my shop happen.

—And I am aware that calling it magic is not the best wording but to me, that’s what it feels like. After a fog of doubt to see the magical piece come together, it’s something I should ultimately feel proud of.

Every time I take a step back and realize all the pieces that I have made and have left, I am overwhelmed with joy and excitement!

It’s a also a little mind blowing to me, once I look back at my pictures or my lists of items just how many items I’ve poured my heart into.

I am proud of each piece that has left my craft room and I hope that those that own the piece now, loved them as much as I did making it.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
I LOVE being a tourist in San Diego, why? Because no matter what turn you take there’s always good food, good people and somewhere beautiful to admire.
I am a local South Bay gal, so I am taking you to my favorite beach, Imperial beach for a long stroll through the pier, take you out for some yummy tacos at Taqueria Tijuana – right off palm Ave.

Then swinging by to Coronado, to walk the pier and visit La Camisa- local shop filled with cute souvenirs.

Take the boat on to the next pier, Seaport Village walk around visit the shops and restaurants along the way.

Then we are catching and Uber to our favorite local spots in Barrio Logan, and walking the art block! Don’t forget to see my items in person at Chava Chic- inside of the Art Hub, and snag some cute accessories, macrame items and my resin!

This neighborhood is FILLED with amazing vendors and local artists and you can find just about anything handmade.

If you head to Eastlake area, which is down south, worth every minute of your drive to visit The Donut Bar , and grab yourself some delicious donuts.

Meanwhile you’re in the area; visit the cutest Plant Shop in town, The House of Plants. They have multiple vendors from different areas, including my crafts as well!

Then grab a Uber back to downtown San Diego to visit my favorite restaurant and bar, Bootlegger. I highly recommend their Mac N cheese I promise you, it’s made with SO much love.

And then ending the night by walking downtown, because this city is full of life and full of movement!

I promise you San Diego is filled with amazing food, unique restaurants, beautiful view and great communities !

Just come with an open mind to explore it all.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Like I said before, my Dad, who I know is somewhere up in heaven jumping up in joy that I’m doing this interview. And I’m also going to dedicate this with all my love & thankfulness, to my sweet Husband Tyler, My Mother Leticia , my cousin Isabella —along with my amazing supportive family, my great friends, and the customers who have become my friends along this journey.

My mom, my husband and my cousin have believed in me in my darkest of days in my lowest of times, and in moments that quite honestly, I wanted to give up on myself and call it quits. I am not a very open person when it comes to letting people in when things are tough but they are my people. Once I admit what’s going on to them, it’s almost like I have to accept what I am too afraid to admit. —For all those suffering with anxiety, know exactly what I mean when I say fear sometimes takes over.

But they continuously give me reasons, inspirations and endless love, to help me get through whatever I have going on.

On top of that, My husband, my mom & my cousin, never ever stop thinking of ways for me to create new things and reach the goals I am trying to reach. I can’t even begin to explain what it feels like to hear or read them speak about me & my work. Because it’s one thing to say it to someone , I support you but it’s another to live your days showing that person just how much you meant those words and just how much you mean to them.

How much you truly mean it when you say I believe in you, and they all have believed in me.

Growing up my dad always said I was a Chingona, which in Spanish means hard working courageous woman, and for many days I felt a lot of discouragement of not having him around to encourage me on. Thankfully, I have my people , my family , my friends and even loving customers who remind me of that.

I want to thank my husband for always knowing exactly how to ground me in times of chaos and fear, and for reminding me how proud I should be- & continuously telling me that my father would be proud too.

To my Mom, and her husband Andres, for always going above and beyond for me to have all the materials I need to get different projects done. My mom has been my biggest supporter even from far a way she always finds ways to help me build my business in any way she can help.

To my cousin Isabella, because even midst getting engaged she’s thinking of my product pictures of items I made for her special day. I will never forget that selfless love. And for always speaking so positively & so kindly of me and my work.

Lastly, To my family, friends, and customers, you have all shown me that there is so much love and inspiration out there. Thank you infinitely for one, not giving up on me and two, Not letting me give up on myself.

I can’t count the amounts of times my DMs have been filled with love after opening up about my personal fears and I just want to thank you all here , for giving me that safe space to create and inspire you guys to keep fighting & never give up.

I hope I can continue to spread the message to never give up, there is people out there that love you and care for you.

Thank you to mine, for loving me always,
I love you all.

You guys are the reason I have taken steps with courage & your love that has gotten me this far.

Website: Loveferncrafts.com

Instagram: https://instagram.com/loveferncrafts?utm_medium=copy_link

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/loveferncrafts/

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– Engagement photoshoot credit to: Damaris Melisa Photography

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