We had the good fortune of connecting with Kenneth Uipi and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Kenneth, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
My thought process when it comes to a starting a business is who can i help while helping myself in the process. Also accepting the reality early that you might take more losses than victories when you start out. Another thing is patience , without it you will not have a clear head to make the executive decisions that come with the position you want to be in. I value time more than money. When the time is invested right , the money comes anyways. The understanding also that most of the money you make when you start , is going to go right back in. Finally that if you want to run your own business , you cannot treat it with a 9 to 5 mentality , when it demands a 25/8 mind state. I feel you need to figure that out within your own will before moving forward with anything else like having a plan and all that. A plan is nothing without a goal and work ethic.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
My music / art is based off my surroundings and up bringing. I didn’t grow up as a normal youth in California. Especially coming from Anaheim CA where most of the realities of the city are sugar coated and covered up by the tourist attraction. I was on both sides of the tracks. I can tell the story from both sides. Its my honest expression and my therapy. I make music that i want to hear. I believe that is what separates me from most artists locally , while at the same time , being where im from is also what seperates me from other artists in general. My section of CA is always associated with LA or the Hollywood scene , which is not the case at all. We are different and we have a different story. Most artists from here purposely try to sound like Los Angeles / West Coast but i feel like we from OC need to invent our own vibe. Another thing that seperates me is my work ethic. I am one of the most consistent recording artists coming out of here whether people want to give the credit to me or not. I work hard and if the music dont grow on you right away , the first impression i will leave on anyone i come across is that i am a bonafide hustler. My rap name is my real middle name , so there is no gimmick , no character , none of that. I am me 25/8. I come from a mixed heritage background , my mother being Latina / Mexican and my father being of Polynesian / Tongan & Samoan descent. Ive been different , way before music and all this. Music just brought it out more. This journey was from easy. It still isnt. However being that i come from a background where you know what you sign up for , i am glad through out my trials and tribulations i was able to grasp that sense of being relentess in my pursuit of anything. I over came most challenges and road blocks by accepting early on that i am not in control of anything except my reaction to certain things. Having the right energy and people around you is definitely key as well. Your circle is a reflection of you , so choose wisely and be aware of the company you keep. My whole life has been an uphill battle , i can honestly say i am just built for this. Lessons i have learned besides patience and planning have been to value my time and myself. Protect your interests at all costs. The energy you put out will always come back , you just never know when. Also as cheesy and over used as it might sound … self belief. Without it you’re just a chicken running around with its head cut off. Discipline is neccessary for focus , focus is neccessary for planning towards a goal , and a dream without a goal is no different from just wishing for something. I want people to recognize my brand SBM ( Success Balance Music and/or Spirit Body and Mind ) as the first step towards simply wanting something different for yourself and your life. The first major music recording label coming out of Orange County CA , which will in my opinion , enforce new guidelines within the entertainment industry and directly involve the community which in the process will help build it up. Accepting what makes you different and running with it. Finding your passion and ultimatley your purpose. As far as my story , if you get inspired by anything i say , write , express , talk about etc. I know i am doing my job the right way.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Around these parts there is a lot to do. I would probably take them to South County to hang out around the beach cities and shop around. All the different plazas and centers around here got a lot to offer and the scenery is just something else when you go at the right time. Probably hit the downtown areas in Santa Ana , Fullerton and Anaheim for some bar hopping. Concerts at the Observatory or Yost Theater are pretty fun as i have done some myself . As far as eating there is too many places out here to name but some of my favorite spots to hit are The Hawaiian BBQ joint off Brookhurst St in Anaheim CA along with Angelos Diner off State College. Johnny’s Burgers in Tustin El Pico De Gallo of 17th street in Santa Ana Charlies Diner in Fullerton right across the DMV Aguas De Acapulco in Anaheim off Katella Ave. Taps or Snooze AM eatery is a must for brunch and for big groups of friends , family gatherings. Gotta hit the medical marijuana clinics out here too if they havent been raided already haha but yeah there is a lot to do here. The real trick is having the energy to keep up because everything out here moves fast. Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I agree with that. As far as people in my life that i would like to shout out , first has my mother off top. She stuck by me in the best of times and the worst of times , my fault or not , never gave up on me even though there were plenty of times i gave her more than enough reasons to do so , she never folded , and i get my backbone from her. Also all of my siblings for choosing a different path as a youth and focusing on being aware of the time they have and to always value it through their actions and discipline. Being young and ambitious early on. My team aka SBM family. My lady Angelina Luna for being my best friend , inspiration , wifey and for teaching me patience. My brothers Alex , Jorge , Jose , Ferny , Dom , Mavi , for staying ten toes down and keeping it a buck with me 25/8. Pushing me to be a better artist as well as a better man / human being. To everyone one new and old that has been supporting my music journey way back in 2011 when i was just getting started. The higher powers that be of course. Organizations / Groups , i would like to thank Raining Waves Media / GhostHouse FX for always working hard on every project we put out and making sure everything on point! Out Tha House Promotions / Droops and Janet. For giving me my first couple of major opening gigs at The Observatory Orange County. Shout outs all my Tokos and Usos / Polynesians homies working the security and holding it down everytime. USC Latino Caucus for allowing me to participate in live events geared towards giving back to the community. More specifically helping undocumented citizens by donations. Also for giving me my first check for a performance ! Mals Bar for hosting those events and always letting us use their equipment to throw the best show possible. The OC Steel House bar and grill for hosting my first EP release party in life. Last but not least the city of Anaheim CA , for molding me and giving me so many memories growing up that i am able to turn into music and share with the world. I read a lot of books so its hard to pick one. The one i can think of just off top that is pretty self explanatory and can give you a deeper insight into my thinking process as well as discover your own ? ( If you haven’t already ) is called ” You’re a Badass , how to stop doubting your greatness and live an awesome life ” written by Jen Sincero. You can paint the picture from there.

Website: https://linktr.ee/villiamiii
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Other: https://soundcloud.com/kennyvilliami

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