Meet Becca Weinstein | Intuitive Energy Coach & Artist

We had the good fortune of connecting with Becca Weinstein and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Becca, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
My background is rather varied and it’s been a winding journey to get here. At one point I was on a medical track with an eye to humanitarian efforts. Then I switched focus to international affairs and ethics in conflict/peace. Being in an office away from people and restricted in how to go about our goals didn’t feel right to me. I saw so many possibilities and missed direct contact with people.

So, I left my job and went into full-time service work for a couple of years. My first position was actually in the Baja peninsula, and led to my first visit to San Diego, to the West Coast, actually. And then my next was in Houston. That was intense. Personally rewarding, with some beautiful connections amidst the pain of being human and in difficult situations. However, emotionally and physically I burnt out.

Then on to Tucson, where I found myself in massage school. What I thought to be a short term personal development and time for healing until on to the next thing whenever I figured it out, became a 16+ year career endeavor, intermingles with holistic health coaching, and personal consciousness and trauma healing. The impetus has always been, “How can I serve? How can I help?” And over the years, it’s become, “Who can I be? Who am I being?”

So much didn’t make sense to me in the world. And I realized as long as there was conflict within me, within the individual, we would experience conflict at larger scales. Wellbeing and consciousness work at the individual level became the focus for myself and my motive for working with people through bodywork and coaching. So, I went inward, while developing a private practice, and at times working for others, all along relating to life as graduate school. (Thank you, Joseph Campbell, for that advice!)

Several years ago, I realized it was time for me to re-emerge into the world. To integrate my varied experiences and no longer live them as if they were separate phases of my life. Rather, to begin sharing my perceptions and awareness both from a personal level all the way to the global scale, while supporting people in discovering and clarifying their unique expression in the world, that is so vital to shifting and transforming at all levels… from the individual experience all the way to our global experience.

I’ve never fit into a box, and I’ve tried. I often see possibilities and make connections that may not be immediately apparent to most for positive shifts and highest potentials. I’m finally embracing and allowing my intuitive awareness and energy awareness more fully, and want to share what I see, what I know, and what I’ve experienced is possible with others.

Recently, I discovered Human Design and it has validated so much of my experience and way of being… so not fitting into that box is my nature, and being more at the edge as a visionary creator. And it’s true of each of us. We all have a unique perspective due to our own composite of energy and experiences, as well as talents and gifts to share with the world.

My drive to develop my new business is exactly this. To support individuals in strengthening their own energy, release interference and conditioned aspects that are not aligned with their true self. Simply being more fully who they are, shift the world and the collective to a higher expression. And being who they are, who WE are each more fully, we can experience more joy and enjoyment, while sharing gifts, talents, ideas from that place, and develop new ways of being together, transforming society and the larger world. But it starts with us, as individuals.

So, it starts with me. Fully owning my own gifts and unique attributes, and what I’ve learned from my experience, is my journey. Acknowledging my intuitive insights, creative gifts, and energy awareness, and embodying them fully in my life is my first step. In my own business, I get to craft how I show up and live fully without restricting myself to only one area of focus. And the art aspect is relatively new… I’ve been drawn to art for a while, but only in the last couple of years realized that when I paint, it’s vehicle for energy work and these paintings carry a vibration or frequency that can have a profound impact, and with a custom commissioned work, I tap right into the person’s energy and they become an energy meditation piece, while supporting them in their alignment to what they want to experience and create.These pieces have a big energetic impact. I feel this way when I play music, as well, and when I’ve played live, experimental improv, there is an energy that gets channeled through the instruments and my voice that feels amazing to me, and impacts others, too.

In my own business, I get to use all of me, be myself fully, rather than needing to segment my experience or limit it to one expression. It feels so much more cohesive, being able to show up simply as me. Definitely a process and adventure, since we’ve all been taught to compartmentalize and disconnect from ourselves. And beneficial to me, while also hopefully empowering others in their alignment to be themselves fully, whatever that looks like for them. Additionally, while one on one work combining intuitive sessions with personal intuitive energy paintings is my focus right now, I also intend to create a variety of other offers available for purchase.

The freedom of determining my own schedule and what is most supportive to me is another factor. Owning your own business, there’s definitely always something you can be doing, which brings all kinds of learning how to have boundaries with yourself and the business, but also provides the opportunity to work in a way that supports me. I appreciate downtime and actually need quite a bit of it to keep my energy strong and clear as a highly empathic person. However, those downtimes are also the space for self care, creative insights, inspiration, and visioning. And, allowing and inviting enjoyment. Which, for me, to a great degree, is travel and new experiences. So, being able to travel and bring my work with me, not being tied to a specific location, is fabulous. Currently, while my business builds, I continue to see a few clients for massage/energy/intuitive work in person, as an independent contractor with the freedom to determine my own schedule and do the work in the way natural to me, at a lovely place created around energy awareness called Luna Holistic Massage.

I guess that whole response could be summarized in one word, freedom. Why my own business? To be free to determine how I show up in the world, and how/what I share, and create all of it in alignment with what feels right for me… so I can support as many people as possible in experiencing their joy, while experiencing joy in my daily life. Which leads to, freedom in how I can support others in coming into their empowered alignment, and creating a life that resonates fully for them. And being able to share the beautiful possibilities I see in each person, and at the collective level, and especially for the potential impact on our children and the quality of life and greater ease with being themselves fully available to them, as we make these shifts ourselves. It’s just so exciting!

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.

I’ve chosen artist/creative because that is what I am integrating and in process of owning fully in myself, and it’s becoming clear this is central to the work I am developing, in combination with intuitive coaching.

For so long, I wasn’t even aware that I was repressing and disconnecting from this aspect of myself as artist and creative. I had a sense I would like to play music, do art over the last 10-15 years. But my focus was so limited in how I could answer my predominant question since I was 5 years old… “How can I serve? How can I help? At a personal & global level.”

I didn’t realize that my initial chosen path was due to conditioning and environment, and so limiting to me. How could I help? I did well in school and had access to an excellent education, I was fascinated with health and understanding the body. I also experienced various illnesses growing up. It was a respected path in my parents’ world where my interpretation as a child was, “medical doctor, lawyer, or respectable but not the optimal choice, teacher.” And I always related to the larger world, aware of individual suffering. With my limited scope, I saw I could become a medical doctor and go on humanitarian missions, with the intent of alleviating suffering as much as possible.

It was all so limited. I loved art. I loved playing the violin. But it was extracurricular only with the aim to get into the best college. Then the best medical school. You see the trend.

And then we moved, and I saw that my early education with heavy emphasis on independent thinking and focus on ethics and major issues, was not what everyone experienced. Then my grandmother passed. While early on I was asking the big questions about spirituality, purpose and existence, when my grandma passed, it became full-blown existential crisis. My type-A drive and pursuits ceased making sense. I had been so driven with so little free time, I barely spent time with her in her last few years. How I was living my life no longer resonated, and I couldn’t make sense of any of it. And this was my second identity crisis… the first was age 11, finding out suddenly I was adopted, and my whole sense of self was blown apart for the first time.

So, it seems my life has always been about questioning, identity shifts, expansion, and living the existential quest for meaning and purpose. Almost like trying on different outfits to see which fits best, but I was so certain and committed to each one, that it was a shock to my system and core identity each time one shattered. I realize now, that so much of my journey was trying to prove I was worthy of existing. So many of my decisions and perception colored by this filter.

Why do I share all of this? Because it’s been such a varied journey and adventure up to this point. So much self-creation and breaking apart, loss of identity, healing from perceived sense of betrayal… big recurring themes in my life. Learning that releasing and letting go clears the way to Be. To discover who we truly are. To discern what has influenced us in a limiting way that does not align in order to let that go. To expand into the possibility of who we can become and what we can create, by being who we are.

When I allowed myself to finally start playing with crayons a few years ago, then charcoal and pastels… and to painting at the encouragement of an art instructor I took a few classes with, something started flowing through me, and energetically so much shifted. Something integrated… I realized that the art is an integrated expression through which insight, awareness, and energy flow onto the canvas. The result has been incredible… each painting session is a meditation for me, and an intuitive and energy session combined. What gets placed on the canvas carries the energy invoked… whether it’s a particular general theme, or tapping into a specific individual’s energy and the qualities of being they would like to expand and what they would like to shift or create in their life.

I love oils, but given my space, I am currently working with acrylics. And my work is definitely being revealed to me as I go… and I am continuously learning. I feel this way about music, as well, which I have barely begun to explore.

All of this experience depends so much on what we believe is possible, and how those beliefs and their energy impacts their possibility. But not just that… there is much energetic, emotional and conditioned interference that impacts and limits us both in belief and possibilities, and we usually have no idea!

For the longest time, I was stuck in trying to “fix” myself. Finally coming to a place more of focusing on letting go whatever might be false or not aligned with my self, my truth, my experiencing. Always holding it lightly, but learning to allow myself to stand in my own experience. I also discovered that there is so. much. interference. We generally have no awareness of just how much is influencing our experience and behavior!

Most of us have experienced some degree of trauma, or have been shaped by what has been modeled in our early environments. We also came in with our own expression and energetic emotional influences from early childhood and beyond. This has led to many of us not being in our own energy integrity. So we think that what we are thinking, experiencing, living, is our own… yet we are being unwittingly influenced by those past experiences, as well as the energies, emotions of those around us, the collective, and societal expectations.

My question is… what is possible when we learn to strengthen our own energy integrity and how to clear out that interference? How could I possibly know myself and live my full expression in any/all areas of my life if there is so much residual influence in my nervous system and energy field, and so much impacting me from the world around me?

I had been studying and learning to strengthen my energy, once I realized that as a highly empathic, intuitive and sensitive person, so much of what I have experienced and the challenges I have had have been due to this. We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it. While I was to some degree forging my own path, I also always felt at the mercy of everything around me, and like I was constantly in survival mode. Which didn’t make sense to me at certain levels.

During Covid, the huge collective waves of fear, anger, and grief would knock me down for days. And so I sought out support to figure out what was going on because with all the ways I had been strengthening and had been effective, no longer were. And on this journey, I found a way to ground and process these energies were in painting.
And also in connecting with people in group or one on one sessions. As I strengthened my energy field and learned how to manage being so sensitive in this human experience, the umbrella theme of my work and efforts became more clear: Empowered Alignment.

The paintings for me, are a meditative energy tool. Everything carries energy; feng shui is an example of this that many may be familiar with. A basic intuitive instrument is our body… often, a “yes” evokes a deeper breath in us. Pay attention to the body- it’s always communicating, and knows so much and more of what’s true, than the mind. With these paintings, just having them in your space supports your alignment, even if you don’t use them as a meditation focus (which is excellent… because it’s an experience with our  without words, by-passing the mind to go to right brain and full body experiencing.)

I have been experimenting with having prints of several themed paintings (Sun of Self Love and Self Acceptance, Full Moon Release to Receive, and Sun of Self Empowerment and Manifestation) visible when I hold a group or individual intuitive session. And also in the massage room when doing bodywork. It’s been a wonderful experience! I’ve been feeling the difference in the sessions and in the outcomes, versus when one of them is not present. And it seems to be reflected in the others’ experience.

My art and intuitive sessions are all about getting out of our heads, and developing awareness of our own energy and the energy around us. Noticing when our emotional, mental, state shifts to a lower experience, and learning how to work with our energy through attention, meditation, breath work and energy exercises. Often, we are experiencing interference that influences us, and we mistake for our own stuff to work through. It’s exhausting to live life that way and keep trying to figure it out. And we don’t have to. We can go to the energy, clear it out, strengthen our own energy— which is what we are always responsible for— and then from a place of energetic integrity, see what there is for us to deal with from a place of trust in ourselves and our knowing.

The art serves as a means to access the supportive energy, bypassing the mind and dropping into our body and awareness. It’s an experience that precedes thought. And given that what we experience in our physical, lived reality first shows up in our energy, then our beliefs and emotions— whether it’s self-generated or external influence. And we can work with that without getting caught up in all the stories, especially all the ones that aren’t even ours to process. Everything has energy, and we can refine our awareness through our body and emotions, to listen to our intuitive knowing.

With the custom pieces, I connect into someone’s energy. The energy vortex meditation paintings capture the energy of alignment for what someone is wanting to bring into their life, expand in their life or create. Using it for meditation or simply having it in their space, it becomes a touchstone for aligning energetically to those desires and to one’s own highest expression.

I also do quantum support paintings over time. We have intuitive sessions together, and identify the qualities of being and aspects of specific issues in their lives they would like to shift, heal, or are ready to release. I get a sketch immediately that captures the essence and energetics, and then, over time, the painting unfolds. It serves as a quantum support process. During the time of our work together, while I am holding the space for my client’s empowerment and unfoldment, they are playing with their energy, learning to discern and apply the practices and methods I share, finding what resonates with them. In our sessions together, we identify root causes and identify interference dynamics, clear energy, and shift awareness to raise vibration. All of thiscombined leads to a more empowered experience, greater trust in one’s own intuition, and strengthening of one’s energy integrity… all towards alignment and creating a life of greater enjoyment, grace and ease.

It’s amazing what’s possible when we shift our vibration and create some space in our thoughts and experience! It’s about recognizing and honoring our personal unique energy signature, and giving ourselves the capacity to live it fully. I have found my paintings to capture the energetic essence of others’ experience, resulting in their feeling seen and supported in their truth, while I get to live my energy signature more fully, supporting others in this way.

As we create these shifts in our individual lives, it shifts the trajectory of our collective experience. I fully believe that through aligning ourselves individually and living our gifts through being who we are, our systems and society at the local and global levels will transform, transmuting the injustices, limitations and suffering so many experience. New solutions will be possible because we are existing at a higher level of expression; we will simply be different, so we will do different. And as people do this for themselves, there will be greater impact on our children… seeing them as the individual expression they are here to be, and supporting them in their beautiful individuality because it serves them and honors them, while serving the collective.

I see us all as individual aspects of a kaleidoscope. Consider it a multi fractal, multidimensional expression of reality. Each of us is an aspect of the full composite… totally unique in composition and expression. It starts with our own internal experience, and begins to reflect in our external experience, especially in our relationship to whatever is happening. However we are all better off as each individual begins to embrace who they are and comes into alignment with their truth, living that out, accessing higher possibilities, and shifting to a whole new trajectory of being.

And what’s so beautiful, is that because of our unique energy signature, our unique collection of experiences, we all have unique insights, perspective, and gifts to share. Each of us matters, simply because we exist. This work and the art supports us in embodying the truth of this, and allowing it fully.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
There are so many who have contributed to my journey and evolution! From various mentors along the way, to each experience personally and professionally I have had. During college, in service work, my time in Tucson and beyond. Plus the many many books. So many books. And teachers. From Byron Katie to Aldous Huxley and Osho; Brene Brown to Joel Goldsmith and Adyashanti; Jose Saramago’s Blindness, among others. And so much more. Fiction, essays, personal development, intuition and energy awareness, consciousness studies.

In terms of my current endeavor, there are several women who have been especially encouraging and supportive, seeing me and my gifts more clearly than I could at times. Their time, encouragement, and sharing has been foundational to me being able to do this… Nicole Meltzer; Cheryl T. Campbell; Liz Sweet; Lisa Johnson: Danielle Brugnone. Their friendship- from many years and seemingly other lifetimes to more recent yet profound connection and professional support. To have those people who see all of you, and offer their love and encouragement so fully, is one of the greatest gifts of this experience. Their example of perseverance and dedication to their journey in life and the work they share with the world.

Additionally, my dear friend Catherine Gehred Griffin, who was my co-conspirator doing service work in Houston, as we initiated a permaculture garden for the community that is still going strong thanks to the organization and volunteers (Kent Keith!) all these years later. I know she’s still with me in spirit, lending her support and acknowledging the grace available to each of us if we just open up to it.

And my family… while I know they’ve had a difficult time understanding my decisions and chosen path with all its “left turns,” I know they love me. And I love them. And even the challenges and differences of priorities, perceptions, even lived paradigms, have all been fundamental to my journey and shaped my personal and professional evolution. Especially my mom over the last few years, who has been so supportive and encouraging, believing in me, my vision, and what I’m creating so fully.

And to those individuals who know that there is another possibility for their life, that there is more than meets the eye to this experience, and are willing to take the action and take the leap into Being themselves more fully… For this and for all, I am grateful.


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