We had the good fortune of connecting with Marvee Santos and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Marvee, what’s the most important thing you’ve done for your children?
This is a tough question, as I think being a parent involves a lot important things you must but I think the most important thing I’ve done was become self-less.

Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
One thing I can say about my art is that it’s initially, misunderstood. From my experience, my photography has often been compared to other photographers. I think what sets me apart from others is that I am upfront with my vision. My photography is very much based on looking at people, places or things in angles they’re not typically viewed at and sometimes in colors that aren’t naturally seen. With that being said, should I seek to photograph people, I often disclose the vision/aesthetic I am looking for, or what will work best given the scenery. So that from get-go, my client understands that I’m not going to take pictures like “so and so photographer,” I am going to take pictures the way I want to and I hope they agree to that. But this also doesn’t mean that my client has no say in how they want their photos to look, I can certainly cater to that but I will do the best I can to not purposely mimic another artists vision. Finding people who agree with that is what’s most exciting because my imagination just goes wild and some of the best photo shoots I’ve done have come from that mutual agreement. I look forward to having more photo sessions that have a more collaborative gain rather than a monetary one. Because I am able to cater to the photographic needs of my clients, I was able to land a career path at my 9-5 desk job. I now create stunning visuals for training material as instructional designer. I essentially provide my own stock photos and videos for the company’s internal and external use and occasionally snap office photos and record short films that gets posted to our website hub that is shared internationally. This wasn’t difficult, per say, to get to this point, it was just a long process for others to trust that I can capture their vision. I’ve learned along the way, that your hobby can really take you places you least expected it to and to be open to feedback because you can always learn from it. I’d like the world to know that my artistry is just for me and that it will always be a part of me. There can be instances where my art may be appreciated by others but in the end, I take photos just for me. To either tell my story or help others tell theirs.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
If my best friend wanted to visit my area, the first thing I would ask is if they are willing to see a haunted area. Not go inside but to be outside of the location. Sharing encounters we can’t find a logical explanation to is probably the best way to start the day because I won’t ever visit such a place or talk about such things at night, haha. After we get spooky stories out the way, eating would more than likely be next. I’d take into consideration as to what my best friend would like to eat because as it turns out, I live in an area with a melting pot of cultures so the only issue we’d have about food is deciding where to actually go. Or, there is accessibility of food halls/courts that have been popping up locally that we can go to. Giving us the variety of different foods all in one building. The best part about the food hall/court, is that there are also brewery, winery and distillery stalls in them. Two birds with one stone! And if my best friend is anything like me, day drinking is way better than traditionally at night. After we eat and get our late in the day drink on, the surrounding downtown area is filled with historical fine art, museums and architecture that is open to the public to view. Everything within walking distance too. Viewing fine art and historical artifacts while intoxicated just sounds so much more fun than being sober, granted within a responsible limit. Considering that this would be a week long trip and this is with my best friend, we would spend a day or two finding different boba shops to visit while on the way to ethnic super markets. We’d get ingredients to cook a huge meal together back at my place and afterwards, do a paint night while indulging in a glass of wine or two. Visiting the hiking spots by the local community college would also be a thing to do as it’s also a place to see. Lot’s of people in my area participate in geocaching in that hiking spot and it’s so much fun ( and scary) to find what people have left behind and to also leave something behind for others as well. This itself would be a whole day adventure, no drinking required. I’d be tuckered out after four days if all of these things happened back to back and if we did everything together. While I prefer my best friend stay with me the whole week, they are welcome to do their own thing without me as well. Also, a day or two to unwind in between going out is a must. We’re getting older and as exciting as a week long trip with an itinerary sounds, a long nap and just watching some TV is just as exciting.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
The one person that undoubtedly deserves all the shout outs in the world is my son. He is my number fan and always asks about my happiness first and then about money, haha. Kids say the most simple, yet powerful things when you’re in doubt. My boy’s frequently used phrase was ” You should just do it mom,” without any bias or hesitation in his tone. I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish all that I have without my little man’s fearless encouragement.

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