Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Laura Vega | Hatmaker

What most people don’t know is that hat making is a fairly small industry and a very secretive craft. Most hatters don’t share their skills and techniques. If you want to learn the craft you need to find someone who’s willing to mentor you, which is really hard to find, especially here in the states. Believe me, I tried…Everything I know I learned by tail and error. I searched the internet for any literature or videos on hat making that I could find. I managed to find a small amount of very short videos on the process and I would just watch them over and over until I figured out the techniques. Well, enough to get me started… I still have so much to learn and am so eager to learn all that I can. Since each hat is hand crafted using traditional techniques and vintage tools, I’m always searching online marketplaces for supplies. Read more>>

Lindsay Nelson | Owner & Serious Succulent Enthusiast

COVID took its toll on so many industries this last year, one of which was undoubtably the event industry. Weddings and corporate events were rescheduled, restaurants closed, and even events as small as meet ups and workshops were cancelled or postponed. Being a DIY workshop space, we at Sweet Digs had to close our doors in mid March with little insight into when things may open up again. In order to stay afloat we had to privet and refocus on a line of business that we hadn’t prioritized very heavily in years prior. We took some time and ramped up our online presence and started shipping succulents, arrangements and DIY arrangement kits all over the nation. The excitement from customers was immediate. In March-May we shipped over 1200 plants nationwide, most with notes of love and encouragement to family and friends who were struggling through quarantine. Read more>>

Lindsay Curtis | CEO

The average person moves 12 times in their lifetime! Moving and packing usually takes about 3x as long as you think it will once you have collected cardboard boxes and assembled them with tape, arranged them in the truck and flattened at your new home. Unfortunately, cardboard boxes are typically discarded after only a single use. With an estimated 1 million cardboard boxes being used to move in San Diego each year, this is not ideal for anyone. Read more>>

Angela Vizcarra | Architect & Interior Designer

Nowadays, I feel lucky to be one of those persons that really loves her job. When I first decided to become an architect I had a vague idea of what it was all about, all I knew is that I was definitely looking for a career with a balance between creativity and technical processes. What I love the most about being an architect is that your knowledge grows with every design you are involved in. Today you might be researching about public spaces post-covid, but tomorrow you might be looking for new materials for a housing project. I think that what most people are unaware of practicing architecture is the time you have to invest on working on a project not only physically (drawings, models, sketches) but also mentally. It is a job that could be exhausting at times but very well rewarded in the end. Read more>>

Catheliya Suwanakrit | Artist Mind Body and Soul

I think for me. It’s the fact that every piece that I draw or paint. I open up a piece of myself or someone else in it. Everything that I draw or paint had a purpose. Some of the drawings and paintings are about my own life. Only I know what the stories are about. Read more>>