The Covid-19 Crisis has provided many of us with an opportunity to reflect on our approaches to work, life and more. We asked members of the community to tell us about how the crisis has changed how they think about work-life balance.

Cassidy Croot | Photographer

The pandemic caused me to hit the brakes on my business and my life. I was in the middle of a burn-out season – working day in and day out, late into the evenings, and overwhelmed to say the least. I was working towards this goal of “caught up” that I wasn’t sure was actually ever going to happen. Then the shelter-in-place order happened and it was the Universe’s way of hitting the brakes for me. It was a struggle at first, but it ended up being a well-needed break for me and opened my eyes to how much I truly needed to restructure my work-life balance. Read more>>

Dr. Kim Van Dusen, LMFT, RPT | Therapist, Professor & Family/Lifestyle Influencer

Before Covid-19, I worked from home, so when the stay at home order was announced, I honestly didn’t think it was going to change my life all that much. I thought I would be less busy because I wouldn’t have the hustle and bustle of daily life. I was surprised to find out that staying home in quarantine was actually more busy for me. In addition to my part-time job working with children with Autism 30 hours a week and managing my blog and social media accounts, I added one more job to my plate, homeschooling. Read more>>

Meg Morton | Northern California Wedding & Elopement Photographer

As many small business owners know, the first few years of running a business involve a lot of hustle. To grow quickly, you have to work hard which usually involves long hours, weekends away from family, and a lot of time learning and mastering different parts of the business. I went full time in 2018 and was definitely in a season of hustling and working throughout 2018 and 2019, and constantly working and being ‘on’ had started to become the normal. I realized that I was getting burnt out and losing some of the excitement to come to work, so I started to limit my calendar and start planning more weekends. Read more>>

Victoria Lora | VFX Producer

The last two months have revealed how busy I made myself. Ever since the shutdown, I’ve been getting better sleep, more exercise, and my home has never been in better shape. I realized that I used to fill my schedule to the brim, and it wasn’t healthy for me. I told myself that I had to be busy to be successful. Like if someone asked me how I was doing, my response was always “busy!” as if that was something to be proud of. Moving forward, I want to shed the guilt that comes with an empty afternoon or even an empty weekend. Read more>>

Dr. Amanda Foster | Chiropractor

Since Covid-19 hit in mid-March, we have cut back on open patient hours. I have been bringing more self-awareness to my work style, finding ways to work smarter, more efficient and effective. I’ll adjust my schedule accordingly to fit my patients’ needs. When I am working I am focused and present. When I’m not working I get outside, workout daily, talk to my family, try new recipes, and meditate with my fiancé. I recommend doing something you love every single day. Read more>>