The health crisis facing our nation and the world has had profound effects on small businesses, mom-and-pops, and independent artists, creatives and makers, but together we can all bounce back strong by learning from and supporting each other. Step one is asking people in the community to share how the crisis has affected their business.

Kyla Darling | Founder & CEO

Yes it has – we are still getting orders from our retail customers, which is great and we truly appreciate the support of our business during these weird times. However, we’ve all had to quarantine which means our fulfillment and shipping is all done by one single person at a time and we are working hard to keep up with demand. We all work remotely most of the time anyway, but now it truly is a one-woman show in the office most days! The Tiny Trucker hustle is real. Read more>>

Kristel Boe | Owner

Like most individuals, the onset of the Covid-19 crisis felt like being an unwilling participant in a roller-coaster ride. Our business was immediately impacted by the “no gatherings” order– as we specialize in gatherings! We had to completely halt our mobile private painting parties (where we travel to people’s homes to help them host an art party with friends). This occurred in our high season, where we average up to 50 private party bookings a month. We saw an immediate 100% drop in business and had to go back to the drawing board and identify what we do best, and how we could offer engaging creative experiences from a distance. Read more>>

Tara Magboo | Jewelry Business Owner & Jewelry Instructor

This experience has definitely made me evaluate my business and its need to evolve in order to stay afloat. Although I do sell some work online, most of the income from my business is generated from retail shows. I have already had two big shows that have been cancelled: San Diego Comic Con International and Design Festa in Tokyo. To make up for this unexpected lack of business, I have, fortunately, been able to do more custom work recently in both ceramic and jewelry. In addition, I will definitely be expanding my offerings online on my website. Read more>>

Ruben Maldonado | Caterer

Well, unfortunately catering requires larger than 20 people sized gatherings in order for it to be profitable for us, so that hasnt been and doesn’t seem feasible in the near future. That being said, we don’t know when we will be able to start back up and assume we will be probably the last group to be allowed to work. We are looking at reinventing ourselves to maybe a private chef business… maybe. Lol. Read more>>

Guadalupe Magos | Blogger & Content Creator

When COVID-19 started to rise, I was perhaps one of the few that was taking it lightly. Lightly in the sense that, I never thought something like my ability to walk freely outside my house without a mask would ever happen. In mid February, I decided to start a small business called The Vintage Views. I had been thrifting quite a few in search of items to fill my home and it was during one of those searches that I realized how much I love to thrift. I’ve always had patience to sift through clothes and all items really, because I believe the best most gorgeous gems are hidden and waiting to be discovered at the thrift stores. Read more>>

Dr. Adrienne Stewart | Naturopathic Doctor, Owner & Medical Director

The Covid-19 pandemic has definitely made an impact on the entire world. We send our compassion to all of the families that have lost a loved one, to the front-line workers and to all the people experiencing financial hardships. As a small business, we are and have been committed to serving and supporting our patients – without exception. • We are staying open as an essential healthcare operation to serve (and nourish) our patients and their families. • We are taking extra safety precautions, screening patients, cleaning frequently and following current state and CDC guidelines. Read more>>

Qiana Cali | Owner, Stylist & Educator

This global crisis has effected my salon business in every way. Being a salon owner has always been a dream come true. Recently dream was turned upside down over night. The beauty industry is very hands on. There is no way to duplicate our skill without HUMAN contact. Covid-19 has forced my salon doors to close. This crisis has taken away my main source of income overnight. This tragedy extended to my stylists and billions of beauty professionals worldwide, being removed from “behind the chair”. As salon owners we are left paying rents and bills for our closed businesses without any indication when we can reopen our source of income. Read more>>