Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Tony & Jaime Purinton | Founders of Hike It Off

Hike It Off was conceived a few years ago deep in the heart of the Sierra Nevada’s over a campfire and some strong mountain cocktails. Founder Tony Purinton and his best bud Rick Beach always came home with much more than memories and bruises while on their many hiking trips. They were notorious for the many mantras and catchy sayings inspired by their biggest muse, the mountains. Once back home, they would discuss putting some of their favorites mantras on t-shirts. They really wanted clothing that represented the way they felt about hiking, but could never find what they were looking for in stores. Hike It Off was always the first mantra they talked about putting on a t-shirt, but once they were back to the daily grind and distractions of life, the t-shirts never became a reality. Then something happened that would change everything. On June 4th, 2014 while celebrating co-founder and wife, Jaime Purinton’s birthday, the universe decided to change both Tony & Jaime’s life forever. Read more>>

Meryl Klemow | Founder of Pre-Canceled Apparel | Podcaster | Writer

Most of what I do or have done as a podcaster, comedian, and former morning radio show co-host is put my thoughts out there in the world, hopefully to entertain people. I’ve seen the past couple years get a little more treacherous in terms of people “canceling” others because they don’t agree with them, and I think it’s important for our entertainment and art as a culture to be able to push the boundaries and maybe even offend us now and then. In order to have the confidence and thick skin to really speak my mind and go against the grain sometimes, I “pre-canceled” myself so society didn’t have to do it for me. I value freedom and spirited conversation, and I know I’m not alone. That plus my love and interest in the conspiracy world launched my brand – we are a tongue and cheek take on cancel and conspiracy culture. Read more>>

Sigrid Rijckoort | Travel Blogger

I started my travel blog Roadtrippers of the Sun after my first journey abroad as an adult. I loved traveling and wanted to share my stories with my friends and family, just for fun. After the first trip, my boyfriend and I started traveling more and wanted to give tips about finding the cheapest tickets, sleeping in hotels without having to pay full amount and of course share our journey abroad. Our readers and followers were growing at that time. At first it didn’t come to mind to start a business out of it. But after a 3 month trip to Mexico and the US, with several collaborations, we felt ready enough to ‘jump into the unknown’. We purchased professional photography gear and learned everything about photography and editing. After a while we considered ourselves “good enough” to ask (more) money for our services such as influencer marketing, sponsored blogposts and content marketing. We also added our presets (photo filters) and our vegan clothing line to have a more stable income. Now we travel the world without having to worry about money. Read more>>

Helya Mohammadian | CEO & Founder

Almost six years ago my sister gave birth and like many woman do, she had complications during labor and had to undergo an emergency C-section. The post-surgery recovery left her feeling debilitated for several weeks. Just getting out of bed was a major struggle. Her husband had to help her use the restroom, shower, and change because she couldn’t even bend over. Something as personal as putting on her underwear, she couldn’t do alone. Not wanting to see my sister have such difficulty with her daily routine, I decided it was time to find a solution. So, I created the first pair of adaptive underwear from my New York City apartment. As I went through several prototypes, I didn’t realize how much of an impact this could really have. A product that I would later develop for someone like my sister has served a bigger purpose and impacted the lives of so many people around the world. Creating this product has changed my perspective on something most of us take for granted every day, and that’s getting dressed. Read more>>