Our community is comprised of some absolutely brilliant entrepreneurs and so we asked a few of them to tell us the story of how they came up with the ideas for their business.

Yaya Khatib Villarreal | Textile Artist, Rug Maker, Crocheter & Knitter

I have always been into physical art, something that I can do to keep my hands busy. Before I started making rugs, I loved ceramics, the feeling of the clay under my fingernails was so exciting. At this moment most of my art is yarn based, I make rugs, knit, and crochet. I started my business unconsciously, I simply began by just making things that I personally loved and wanted to have for myself, and as a member of Gen Z, of course, Read more>>

Elizabeth Sherr | Ocean Activist and Sustainability Communicator

After finishing my masters in marine science in the Basque Country, I moved to Barcelona for work and found a place walking distance to the sea, where I feel most happy. However, my happy place soon became a place where I felt sad and angry as I would wake up to a trash covered beach every morning from picnics and parties the day before. It wasn’t just a few bottles here and there either, rather a constant cycle of piles of beer cans, plastic bottles, liquor bottles, straws, cigarette butts and more spread along the coast. So, I decided to turn my negative feelings into positive actions. Read more>>

Stacy Spensley | Parenting Coach & Author

When I was expecting my first baby back in 2013, I was already a certified health coach. Most of my coaching focused less on what people ate and more on why they ate it. As I told clients that I was pregnant, they all said, “Congratulations! And now you’ll work with parents!” “What do I know about being a parent???” was my reply. And I was right. Since I did not, in fact, know anything about being a parent in practice, I had to learn. As my first baby did not really sleep, I had lots of time to read about it. Read more>>