Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Fredone Fone | Multi-Artist

Because I found something that fills some gaps in my life: something that often I name as art. Actually, it is too much more than art. It is my struggle, my cause, the “place” where I have some autonomy, where I can dream, where I have possibilities to speak, to protest, and, sometimes to be heard and seen as human. In the same time I can make some money doing what I’m doing. Before to work with art I had worked as a bricklayer’s mate, together with my father. Also I worked as a warehouse assistant in a big construction company. Read more>>

Edie Dourleijn | Creative Cook

To be honest, I never considered myself as someone who was creative. That was always my little sister. But while I was learning to cook, I realized I found my thing. Getting into the kitchen, working with your hands, creating something that is both useful and fun, turned out to be a great and creative outlet after a full day behind a screen. As a child I was a super picky eater, and then I suddenly liked to cook! Wanting to learn and try out new recipes are a great way to learn to eat everything. To me, it was just a matter of learning what I did like, how I liked my food to be cooked. I only still don’t like grapefruits and think salmon is overrated, but will try everything you put in front of me. My goal was to become a totally free cook, that didn’t need recipes to create a good meal. I looked for a cooking course that would teach me about the basics, but in an in-depth way, explaining how things work in my pots and pans. But a course like that didn’t exist and I went to culinary school instead. Read more>>

Adrienne Valencia | Executive Director/Arts Administrator

I was raised in a family that had a deep appreciation for the arts. My father, who was Mexican, loved Mariachi and Big Band music from the 1930s and ’40s (that was his era). My mom had more of a classical background – she took voice lessons as a teenager and loved her weekly painting class for seniors before COVID shut it down. My two sisters and I were always encouraged to “cut and paste,” to experiment with new recipes in the kitchen, and to learn a craft, My parents gave us dance lessons and piano lessons; we sang in our school choir and participated in our high school theater productions. My mom is especially artsy and she’d cart us around to community theater, concerts in the park and museums. However, when it came time to choose a major in college, my parents encouraged me to do something a little more…secure. Actually, my dad said, “Pick something stable, I don’t want to support you for the rest of my life.” While that might sound unsupportive, I think he was really just looking out for me. And it forced me to really consider if a life in the arts was what I wanted. Read more>>

Farah George | Professional Makeup Artist & Psychologist

Looking back at my days as a little girl, I always snuck into my mom’s makeup bags and drawers of makeup until I got caught putting it on. However, that fearful experience didn’t diminish or decrease my love for makeup artistry. At age 12 I already knew how to measure, cut and apply false lashes and my friends looked at me with pure amazement! Then at age 18 I was recruited to work for MAC then Sephora but during those years I always owned my own makeup business where I freelance and take on all types of clientele and events! I’ve had the most loyal customers and I’ll be expanding on YouTube. Stay tuned, remember the name. Most importantly, you can go to college earn and degree and be successful in an artistic career also. Do not give up. Read more>>

Maha Bazzari | Owner at Studio MAHA

Ever since I started thinking about my future and what career I wanted to pursue, I knew it was going to be in a creative field. I saw self expression through art and design as a mission, and self fulfillment. Design allowed me to create environments and spaces that influence people day to day, while art fulfilled the need of self expression and that was a necessity. Read more>>

Lisa Mendez | Pet Stylist

I believe that being a Pet Stylist is the best of two of my favorite worlds: dogs and art. I love helping pups look and feel good with the help of my creative eye. Dyeing dog’s hair is really fun too. Read more>>