Deciding to pursue an artistic or creative career path isn’t for the faint of heart. Challenges will abound, but so many of the artists we speak with couldn’t be happier with their choice. So, we asked them about how they made the decision in the first place.

Will Carey | Stand Up Comic, Podcaster & Musician

I realized after performing in my first school play and getting my first guitar in the Fall of 2001 that I had found what was going to make me the most fulfilled happiest version of myself and that was pursuing the arts. It was the first time that I remember doing something and falling in love with every step of the process, I was excited to stay after school and rehearse, Read more>>

Kerstie Blue | Thought Leader, Intuitive Life Coach, & CPA

Our society is broken. Our people – our families, our friends – are suffering. An overwhelming amount of us are exhausted, exasperated, and severely uninspired. We’re so “busy” we can’t do the things we want to do, or even the things we need to do! The American employers’ status quo of “give us your everything, and you can have a few weeks once a year to rest” is fundamentally cracked. Read more>>

Meg Jacovino | Artist + Illustrator

I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but during my twenties and early thirties, I was so full of doubt about myself and my work, that I was barely creating. It wasn’t until my daughter was born 5 years ago that something inside me shifted, and I finally allowed my creative voice to start getting louder. Read more>>

Aric Dohm | Brand Identity & Graphic Designer

I feel I’ve always been a creative, it just took me a while to figure out that I can actually make a living doing it. In high school, I used to doodle my favorite logos and quotes all over my notebooks into these collages, there was actually, and I’m not joking, more ink on the outside of my notebooks than the inside. Read more>>

Malesha Brown | President/Dancer

We started this process because not only do we love what we do but we also wanted to provide classes and opportunities to our community thats was affordable or free so that the youth in our community could be able to take dance classes or be in a dance crew whether they could afford it or not. Read more>>

Daniel Gortaire | Musician and Owner of LAgenciap Content Creation and Talent Agency

I have always thought that giving something to society that comes from the bottom of your heart, and sometimes being able to transmute experiences and feelings in something that can be enjoyed or even educational for others, is very gratifying. Read more>>

Quiet Mile | Rock Band from Southern California

When the four of us came together for our first jam at Bomb Shelter rehearsal studios in Garden Grove, each of the us was driven by our own passion t be there. We all knew it would be tough to make it today as musicians but, that really wasnt why we got together back in early 2020. Read more>>

Alisa Fugate | Painter, Mixed Media Artist and Jewelry Maker/Owner of Sol V Kai Design

From the time I was young, creativity has always intrigued me. It always brought amazement to me that someone can come up with and idea and form it into a tangible thing for many to enjoy. A painting that can move emotion, an outfit that can make one feel like a powerhouse or a necklace that makes someone feel beautiful… Read more>>

Eddie Villarreal | Fashion Designer & Content Creator

As a Kid, I was always interested in the design of things, the curves on buildings, the design of photography, and the way clothing fit the body. But when I started college that’s when the reality of a creative career was in sight. I had originally entered college as a film major, but I had always had an interest in fashion, so I decided to take a fashion class and I fell in Love. Read more>>

Chris ‘Jaws’ Ruzika | Musician/Artist

Signal For Pilot is more than just a band! It’s an fully creative art experience. From the live shows all the way down to the artwork for each album and song released. There is so much careful care and creative decision making to fulfill more than a listeners ear. Read more>>