We asked some of our favorite folks what makes them happy and why?

Barbara Eldridge | Small Business Strategist

Pursue Your Life with More Meaning By Barbara Eldridge For over ten years I had been a distributor for a company, marketing their programs on planning, goal setting, time management and management. But it was a frustrating and challenging time. The company was not supporting those of us in the field with new programs to sell. Other local distributors were in litigation with them, all the while the Company was asking me for support. After running that business that focused mostly on helping small business owners set and achieve Goals, I found myself frustrated. Although I was a high sales and goal achiever, I felt something was missing. I was setting goals in all areas of my life but there was no sense of fulfillment. Read more>>

Alec Dempster | Visual Artist and Musician

It is hard to define what happiness is exactly. The scope of its role in our lives cannot be simply equated with an established flavour like cardamom or kiwi and it is certainly more than the opposite of sadness. To broach the subject it helps to consider that there are innumerable circumstances which can induce it. Narrowing the field to art making allows me to grab the bull by the horns so to speak. As I approach my fiftieth birthday there is no doubt that if making art hasn’t made me ‘happy’ over the years I wouldn’t be doing it with the same passion as I am now. As a child happiness was discovering the ability to express myself through drawing and painting. Pleasure was gained as I developed technical prowess. For example, the satisfaction of being able to copy an image. Read more>>

Karma Reclusado | Freelance artist & Illustrator

Art has always been such a positive force in my life. Whenever I draw or interpret something in my own unique way, I can’t help but feel this sense of happiness. It became sort of a therapeutic activity as well, especially during these strange times. Read more>>

Nubia Monks | Actress and Playwright

My craft makes me happy. I am an Actress and Playwright, and nothing makes me happier than being able to do what I love every day. This business is not an easy one to be in; it doesn’t pay well, and there is a great chance of being without work for months, and sometimes even years, so whenever we are granted the opportunity to work, we celebrate. When it comes to this craft, another thing that makes me happy is the impact that I get to make with my work. I am happiest when I come down from a show and I get to talk to the audience and hear how they were impacted by my performance. I strive to change lives with my art, and that is where my happiness resides- in lives being touched, and hearts and minds being transformed. Books also make me happy. Read more>>