One of the most rewarding things about getting to know so many entrepreneurs is seeing first-hand how many of them are focused on so much more than just financial results. So many of the folks we connect with are focused on having a positive social impact on their community or the world at large. Check out some of these amazing folks below.

Jen Sale | Founder & Director of SRAS

We believe animals are living, breathing, beautiful beings who are someone, not “something”. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and educate on their behalf while promoting a cruelty-free lifestyle and reducing our impact on the earth. We believe bringing awareness to the plight of factory farmed animals will help create a more compassionate and kinder world for all beings. We are a 100% off grid non-profit sanctuary located in Temecula, California that offers rescue and refuge to animals discarded by our food industry, specifically dairy, and hospice to senior horses and those with medical needs. Once healed and healthy we connect our animals and share their stories with children in our community who have experienced trauma. Read more>>

Shantel Seoane | USFS Outfitter

We operate several glamping sites in the Cleveland National Forest under the USFS Outfitting and Guide program. We’re dedicated to the USFS overall mission – in support of responsible recreation development, visitor outreach and managing visitor expectations. We support public awareness and outreach campaigns, towards educating visitors about trail etiquette, volunteer opportunities, environmental stewardship and responsible travel. We do our best to support volunteer efforts such as trail work and maintenance, clean-ups and any other areas where USFS may need us. We serve the mission of the USFS as one of our primary company objectives. We continue to place priority on sustainable tourism and business, responsible travel and the stewardship of our Cleveland National Forest. In a time when our planet needs it most, Alter Experiences LLC will set the standard for a tourism model centered around sustainability, conservation & the protection of our resources in the San Diego Central Mountain Region. Read more>>

Karla Coppel | Founder of Karemi Cosmetics

Women all over are buying makeup without knowing that some of the ingredients are harsh chemicals that can cause from short term to long term health problems, from a skin rash to even cancer. So that is why we wanted to bring a line of cosmetics that focuses on bringing sustainability and awareness to women making them hypoallergenic, clean, non toxic safe and healthy products, made with the best quality ingredients. That not only are safe but also act as skin care, It is very important that just like we make healthy choices when it comes to eating, we should also make healthy choices on what products we decide to put on our faces since our skin will absorb everything into our system, just like when you eat. We continuously educate women all over about the dangers a makeup product can cause and advise them to self care by consuming only safe clean products. We also like to encourage women to become Virtuous by giving them advise and information on how to develop their God giving talents, learning what a virtuous women is all about for the greater good of our society and environment. Read more>>

Tinicia and Sheri Smith and Jones | Co-Founders/Owners

Our business helps the community by providing a platform for Black owned businesses, entrepreneurs, and professionals. We offer an online HUB for everything Black in our community. Customers, Citizens, Politicians, Business Owners, and more all gather in our group to discuss business and more. We help business owners increase revenue, we provide resources for businesses to elevate, we communicate where Communicate where Black events around the city are happening and we create note worthy partnerships with community establishments. Read more>>

Penny Payton | Emotional Wellness & Behavioral Change Coach

It’s important to begin by understanding the impact that emotional wellness has on every aspect of life. Reaching a higher level of emotional self-awareness can free us up from some of the most counterproductive and detrimental blocks there are including: insecurity, anger, fear, authoritarianism, as well as many dysfunctional behaviors. Several factors come into play when examining the lack of self-awareness we see coming to the forefront, especially in our country right now. First, it has become a norm to believe that understanding ourselves and our own emotions is an innate part of being a human; it is not. Not only have many of us missed out on being trained in the art of processing and coping emotionally as children, we have likely gathered a boatload of conditioning as well as repressed pain from subtle trauma that is waiting to be released. We then merge into our adult lives unprepared and carrying at least a low level of anxiety. Read more>>

Ana Resendiz | Photographer

One thing we can all agree about is that the year 2020 was horrible. We all lost special people in our lives. We also realized that the ultimate most important things to cherish are your loved ones, memories, and appreciating moments before they’re gone. Sometimes all we have left after a tragedy are our own memories. That’s also when we cherish photographs the most. Thats why we love to frame them in our homes and share them online. Photography heavily impacts the whole world by helping us remember. One flip through a photo album and it takes you back to “the good ol’ days”. Photography helps keep the past alive, the good and the bad. They can also be used to display accomplishments, for legal evidence, and as emotional support. Now a days you get to experience great movements and historical events without even being there by all the photos being shared online. Read more>>

Stephanie Poiani | Naturopathic Doctor

Lyme disease is a growing epidemic. Due to the complexity of the illness, variation in symptoms, difficulty with testing, and treatment controversy these patients are often left mistreated in the Western medical model. The same goes for other complex chronic conditions and environmental illnesses like mold illness, mast cell activation syndrome, heavy metal toxicity, autoimmune diseases, etc. Often times I see patients who have been through a long list of doctors with no real explanation for why they feel so sick or why they don’t have any improvement despite treatment. I help my patients investigate and treat the root cause of illness versus covering up symptoms. My goal is to provide access to proper treatment and expand awareness and eduction around complex chronic illness. Read more>>

Maddison Levine Natasha Keitges | SD Coastal Team at Foundation Escrow

As a team we have taken an initiative to give back. Philanthropy is a big part of who we are. We feel we have been very fortunate both professionally and personally so we have made it our goal to seek out different people and organizations that may need help. Read more>>