Do you have a favorite dialogue, lyric, quote or affirmation? Please share with us below.

Meghan Miller | Artist

“You are a work of art. Not everyone will understand you, but the ones that do will never forget about you.” This is one of my favorite quotes for many reasons. It can be really scary to put yourself and you art out into the world. This message reminds me that although there may be people that don’t like/understand my art, the ones that do are what matters. I remind myself of this quote when creating art but also in my day to day life. It is so magical to find people that resonate with my artwork and to find people that I connect with so I always want to focus on that. Read more>>

Joelle Reeder | Web Designer & Developer

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” – George Eliot I connected with this quote when I was in my 20’s – at time when most people aren’t thinking about being “too late” for anything, but it resonated. For me, it’s about being open, being willing, reminding myself that I don’t have to stick to the norms, I don’t have stay in a career or a job that doesn’t suit me or that is unhealthy. You can do the thing you want to do, you just have to actually do it instead of talk about doing it. Read more>>

Manami Yuzuki | Yoga Instructor

Everything that happens to you has meaning. If you hit a wall and think it has come to you to figure out how to overcome it, you can go on believing that you can do your best and grow. Read more>>

Hayley Hanssler | Owner and Instructor of bike2thebeat studios, Indoor Cycling

One of my favorite quotes comes from the great Henry Ford. “Faith without action is delusion. Faith does not wait for miracles but produces them. If you think you can or if you think you can’t, you are right.” I think of this quote often whether I’m working on a project, struggling with a particular issue, or just planning out my next move. I remind myself that above all, I must have faith in who I am and what I’m doing. Read more>>