Webster doesn’t know everything. Some words can’t be defined by a dictionary. Rather they are defined by our values, ethos, and principles. We asked hidden gems from the community about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Emma Nossal | Performer & Development Associate

As a performer, my definition of success has definitely shifted over the years and especially since the pandemic hit. I used to consider myself a successful performer only if I was constantly busy with shows and projects, almost as if I had to continue to prove to the world that I was capable and talented. When the performing arts industry came to a standstill last year, I was forced to take a break for the first time in years. After being given the opportunity to reflect on just what it is that I love about theatre and performing so much, I now consider myself having succeeded if I’ve chosen to commit to projects that really connect with my heart, and if I’ve given myself to them as openly and honestly as possible. If what I’m doing makes me happy and is able to emotionally connect with others, that is success. Read more>>

Brenda Jimenez | Real Estate Professional

Personally for me success is not end goal and it looks like; peace of mind, sense of accomplishment and continuous personal growth. Peace of mind because you experience success not a the cost of others. Accomplishment because you are faced with challenging situations that you are capable to resolve. Lastly personal growth is always activated because you are preparing yourself for what’s next and simply enjoy the consistency of self development and improvement to be “successful”. That’s how I define success, success doesn’t look like a title, status or object to me. Maybe receiving those as a reward can have a temporary effect on feeling successful , but for me it is very short lived. Read more>>

Margo Prodan | Graphic Designer, 3D Artist, & Comic Book Colorist

I believe success should be something we each define on our own terms. And also, something we re-define indefinitely. There is never a limit to what makes a successful life, high or low. I look at my own life and I consider what I have achieved as successful but to others it might look like something else. I was raised in a house of artist minded women who always supported me as an artist but no one in my household was a professional artist. I never felt like doing artwork was looked down upon but I never really considered it as a career as a kid. As it turned out, I wound up taking a “gap-year” that lasted 14 years and when I went back to school for design and 3D modeling, it was incredibly intimidating but also, I was really good at it. Since graduating I have had the luxury of working with some wonderful designers at my work. If I were to compare myself to their successes I might struggle with where I am. I had a later start in this career but I still consider my path a success. The best way to define success is to know you are finding joy on the journey to being the best you and never comparing yourself to others. Also, knowing that the journey to success. Read more>>

Crystal Powell | Artist

I define success by being able to understand your passions and following them through to the finish. It’s easy to want something but a lot harder to follow through till you actually achieve it. Even within my own art, I believe that finishing the piece makes me feel more successful then actually selling it because finishing the pieces makes be feel happy and accomplished while selling it can sometimes leave me sad and missing the piece. Either way, success to me is envisioning a piece and finishing it. Read more>>