The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Catherine Huss | Founder and Creative Director

I always dreamed of starting a clothing line, and I really wanted to start it right out of college. A lot of wise people in my life advised me to work for other brands first to get experience in the industry and learn the ropes and reality of designing and producing clothing. I’m so glad I did because there truly is so much to learn, and more importantly I met amazing people along the way who taught me so much and those relationships we formed are so precious to me even years after we worked together. Read more>>

India Pierce | Founder of Omi Picnics & The Picnic Circle | Co-founder of Moxie Consultancy Collective

Hands down the single most important decision I have made, is to embrace the fact that I will be a lifelong learner. As business owners we often want to excel at everything we do…to be seen as an expert. We feel this pressure to be the absolute best, and while that drive often helps us achieve great success, it can also creates stress and burnout. Truly understanding the boundaries of my lane has meant that I will always be a learner, and that’s okay with me because growth requires that we are constantly learning. Read more>>

Juliana Rios | Journalist and Sports and Tourism Influencer

Being determined and disciplined to have a routine even when you can do your own schedule. It’s a challenge to work from home (when not travelling doing videos for my channel) and manage to keep the house clean, take care of your daughter and having so many things to do according to my plan of growing my business. Read more>>