Artistic and creative careers are among the most rewarding, but they also come with unique challenges. We asked some of the city’s best creatives to tell us why they choose to pursue a creative career.

Nathan Borton | Jazz Artist/Educator/Composer

I think the biggest reason that I pursue a career in the arts comes down to one thing: making an impact. There are many different fields in the arts, but I am a Jazz artist. Jazz is something that I’m extremely passionate about and as such I deeply care about this music and its future. It is vital to any art form to have the masters and the students. The masters must perfect the art form and teach it to the upcoming generation, while the students must be willing to learn and grow from their teacher/mentor. Read more>>

Shilpa Gopal | Content Creator

During the day, I work as a PA (pathologist’s assistant). While I love being a health care worker, I needed something that would satisfy my creativity. I’ve always been an outside the box thinker, so starting creating content centered around all the things I love, horror, fashion, and beauty! I’ve found a really fun way to meld all of my niches in to one Instagram page, while also keeping the content fresh and trending! Thinking of creative content is difficult, especially after a long shift, but it’s something I enjoy and need to keep myself challenged! Read more>>

Cara Grace Chadwick | Artist

Being an artist and creative has always been who I am. Creating art has been something I have always done, I was lucky to have a lot of encouragement about it from the start. My grandfather was an a professional artist and although he passed long before I was born, having him as an inspiration made choosing to work as an artist a natural path. Read more>>

MariaFernanda Aytes-Montiel Miranda | Artist & Creator

Love Fern Crafts was founded because someone else believed in me, more than I ever could. So to answer that question I have to say is I pursued it because for the first time I truly believed that I could and so I did. When I was in my early twenties, I was driving my Dad & I to eat , and he brought up a conversation about how I should consider looking into Graphic Design or some kind of drawing career, because he thought I’d be great at it! Read more>>

Cheryl Neve | Screenwriter │ Producer │ Director

I’ve always been a very creative person. When I was a little girl, I was always painting or writing stories. I wasn’t sure, however, if I could make a career out of using my imagination! Thankfully, the entertainment industry found me in a wonderfully organic way. In 2012, Tom Hooper was shooting Les Miserables in the south of England and I turned up to the casting day on a whim. Read more>>

Raymond T aka RadioRaymondT | DJ, Host, MC, Curator…Overall Vibe Creator!

From an early age, I developed a huge connection to music. So much in fact (Not showing my age) my older siblings & cousins would play record shop with me as a kid and I would buy vinyl’s with monopoly money, lol. From day one, music has always been an escape for me on some calgon type ish(Again, not showing my age), lol…Growing up, I tried my luck at singing, rapping, etc. Ultimately found my passion in djing and as an on-air personality in radio and media. I’ve always looked as music as being bigger than all of us and in djing and more is my contribution to it. Read more>>

Javier Salazar | Deported Artist

I chose an artistic career because because it gives me a chance to shed light on the need for immigration reform and give a voice to the unheard, something that I could not do at a regular job. Read more>>