Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Deborah Santoro | Photographer

I always wanted to be a photographer. My parents gave me my first camera when I was 8 years old, and I took it everywhere with me. I love looking at old photographs and see how people and places changed over time. After I had my first child, I decided to take my love for photography to the next level. While I was pregnant, I took multiple classes to improve my skills. I decided to create my business because I feel that it is important to capture special moments. Memories fade with time. A photograph allows a person to relive a special moment over and over whether it is a newborn, graduation, anniversary or birthday. Photographs allow people to remember how they felt in that moment. Life moves fast. People change and children grow up so quickly. Photographs keep time still. Read more>>

Lukas Fuster | Artist and Digital Creator

If there is anything I have learned within the 19 years of my life thus far, it is the idea that happiness and success cannot be forced. Being a creatively driven individual all of my life, I continue to find evidence that it is these creative outlets that bring pure joy and excitement. I have always known that my future would be largely related to my artistic passions, almost to a degree in which I truly could not see myself doing anything else. Read more>>

Eli Suhadolnik | Cinematographer

Since I was little I was fascinated with movies, and videos in general. I vividly remember watching Travis Rice’s snowboard films growing up and being totally immersed in another world. I knew I wanted to be apart of the process of creating stories, and more specifically being behind the camera. I had my hesitations pursuing this career and it held me back from starting for a long time, but I knew it was something I wanted to at least give a try. A corporate job with a steady paycheck and a w-2 is nice, but I need to keep myself on my toes. So far it is working out…for the most part! Read more>>

v394 | Musician/Songwriter/Producer

For me it’s hard to not make stuff. If I go a day or two without making music or visual art, I feel a little lost or like I’m just taking without giving. I don’t want to have a one-sided relationship with art where I’m a passive receiver. Also, this might sound dumb but there’s a lot of bad art out there, so why shouldn’t I throw some of mine onto the pile? I like the stuff I make, so that’s enough reason for me. In the end, I wouldn’t even say that I’m purposely pursuing an artistic or creative career, I’m just trying not to be bored or boring. Read more>>

Hailey Wild | Hailey Wild | Singer-Songwriter & Artist

For me, having a career in music is very exciting and that’s one reason I love it. Every day is different and that keeps me on my toes and engaged. One day I’ll be writing and collaborating and the next I’m performing. The vast number of hats I have to wear as an independent artist can be daunting but exploring all of these things is a lot of fun. I love being able to focus on multiple things such as songwriting, piano, production, the business side of music, and performing because I’m constantly learning new things. Read more>>