We asked some of the most creative folks we know to open up to us about why they chose a creative career path. Check out their responses below.

Stacey Harten and Kristy Warner | Interior Design Company

From a young age my sister and I have been creative together. Always getting dressed up playing make up and hair while setting up the perfect scenery of pillows and flowers for a tea party. As we got older I knew I wanted a path in doing interior design and my sister fell in love with becoming a hairdresser. We continued following those dreams that led us in and out of each others businesses of hair and design. Somehow we constantly overlapped our dreams of helping each other grow. Now becoming our business together of June Design Company, a full service design firm. What started as two little twin girls dressing up and playing tea party grew our dreams in to owning and running this amazing business together. Read more>>

Dolapo Balogun | Content Creator, Entrepreneur, & Dietetic Intern

In my eyes, creativity is an element of life that has kept me sane. Creativity of any form – photography, cooking, writing – is how we let our inner child play. When we create for the pure passion and reason to create and not for money or acceptance, we are operating from a place of love. And to be honest; our world needs a little loving. Read more>>

Dorothy Perez | Soap and Bubble Bath Bomb Maker

I chose to move from sitting behind a laptop all day to steeping deep in scent, color and texture when the grind became too much of a grind, and I no longer looked forward to my day. Creating bath treats let my inner child out to play, heightening all my senses and rolling out something that little and big people alike could add to their self care routine. It’s easy, and tangible. Read more>>

Carla Wilson | Artist and Writer

I think a creative path chose me rather than the other way around. I was surrounded by the arts and creativity for as long as I can remember. As a child, there was always music in the house, lots of books, drawings and paintings; and my mother encouraged me to engage in crafts and art making at an early age. I loved going to see plays and reading books with my father, who studied and taught Literature. I’ve kept journals my entire life. I loved to sing in choirs, and perform on stage throughout middle and High School, so the arts came naturally, and were constantly in my life. Read more>>

Kristin Leddy | Hair and Makeup Artist

Embracing a creative career path and all it entails was inspired by a drive for freedom and the opportunity to have who I am aligned with the work I spend my life doing. As a stylist, my mission statement is to foster authentic expression through the lens of personal style because I know the power that exists in seeing an intentionally curated version of yourself in the mirror, and feeling reflected on the inside by your appearance. The community created by pouring into other people via a craft I love and respect transcends work and allows me to build a full, vibrant life for myself to revel in. Read more>>

Itzel Rodriguez | Cake Decorator & Baker / home bakery owner

When I was 21 years old I went on vacations with my parents to Las Vegas. We were walking around and saw a sigh announcing the Carlos Bakery. I used to watch the show ” the cake boss” at home that’s why I knew it was that bakery, so I told my parents lets go ! I want to have this experience of being at the Carlos bakery ! We went and I saw everything there, I saw the kitchen where they’re making decorations etc. Read more>>