We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Liberty Santiago | Chief Financial Officer

Here at Liberty Brand Consulting & Leasing we’re aiming for our impact to play a pivotal role in shifting society away from the conditioned thinking that personal value and earning potential is directly related to performance. We have seen several case studies where mindset development and unconditional support of peers positively impacts both performance and earning potential for individuals. Read more>>

Anita Friedrich | Artist, Photographer

I love this question to start. It is so important to constantly have an end goal. Of course, goals can still change but that is a great Plan A to accomplish. I would love to active in photography, no matter what kind, I just really wanna hold a camera in my hand. When you know you found what you really adore, it is the most wonderful feeling. Photography gives me the chance every day to express myself through my images, either a landscape or a portrait. It is the greatest tool in my life. Read more>>

William Mc Neill | Filmmaker & CEO Mc Neill Films

I started having ideas of owning a business when I was 18 years old. I didn’t have a clue about taxes, administration, market prices, etc. I was afraid about the market, how I could make a living doing what I love? Photography and Filmmaking is my passion so first I started working with other people in the industry, from there it just kept going… 5 years later, everything is completely different, I never thought that time would go by so fast. We started growing and improving. Read more>>