We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Liza Atkinson | CEO and Founder

Having a business plan in writing before you begin. This is not what business schools want to hear but I don’t have a business plan, I never have. This entire journey has been led by my intuition; every single decision. Because I opened Nosh and Gather right before the pandemic hit, the business has moved and shifted in so many ways that I could never have predicted. And even almost 3+ years later, I am still listening to my clients, analyzing my expenses and revenue goals, continuing to make changes to the business. Business plans look and sound great but for me have never made sense. Read more>>

Alyssa Renee Made

One piece of advice that was always really hard for me to swallow is to “niche down”. I find myself constantly reinvigorated in entrepreneurship as I’m pivoting from design to photography or adding a new skill to my metaphorical toolbox. It is important to figure out who your ideal client is – but maybe you have more than one. I can understand the ease that comes along when following the advice of narrowing down your work into a specific niche, but for me that will always feel more limiting than helpful. Read more>>

Lindsay Melnick | Psychic Advisor

One piece of conventional advice I absolutely disagree with is that you always have to be in a hustle mode or mentality. It doesn’t leave any room for divine inspiration. To say that you have to produce every single day as a creative doesn’t make any sense. With a creative brain you have to give yourself time to ground. Rest can do more than the hustle ever could sometimes. And to hustle and push a message that was forced doesn’t help anyone and can even make you feel bad about your results! Leave room for inspiration. Read more>>