We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Kimmy Jamison | Apparel & Accessories Designer

I swore to myself that I would never become complacent or comfortable. While I still do work a full-time job elsewhere, being successful in deciding to work for myself means staying disciplined, focused, and pushing through any challenges, creative lows, time constraints, etc. no matter what. I try new mediums and do the necessary research in order to bring my visions to life. Read more>>

Abigail Allwein | Actor, Singer, Musician & Maker

For me, deciding to stay true to my instincts has been the biggest contribution to my success. Tossing aside any notion of what the world perceives as success, and working hard every day to build a body of work on my own timeline has been pivotal for me. When people view my work history they are always impressed, but I didn’t take traditional paths to get there. People doubted me every step of the way, but I persisted. Only you know what’s best for you and your brand, and that journey might look very different for you than others. Embrace this. It will take you to the right place. Read more>>

Aaron Bowen | Musician, Producer & Guitar Builder

Just being myself. making the music and guitars that I want to make without compromise or fear of judgement from others. Read more>>