Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Folkolia Studio | Branding & Digital Design Studio

Making the decision to leave each of our jobs to start working on our own was not easy, the main fear for those of us who decided to open our own business is the uncertainty of knowing if it will work or not, but it is part of the challenge of the unknown. We started in order to make projects that excite us and challenge us at the same time, but also to capture a little more of our ideas and things that we could not find around us or at least in Tijuana. Make a design that works but also has a different touch that our clients can connect with but also grow. Read more>>

Stephen Wheeler | Freelance Photographer

Well, I come from a line of small business owners. My grandfather, who owns a car shop, has always been an idol to me. His love and passion for his business really cemented in my mind how being your own boss could be so much more rewarding than just being an employee. Additionally, my father is co-owner of an electrical company. I remember working a summer in high school with him. We would lay the electrical foundations for apartment buildings and I would be responsible cleaning up after them. At the time, this was really hard work for me but now I see how his work ethic really made an impact on mine. Read more>>

Jay Jones | Chef

I just KNEW I had something special with my Golden Chicken Batter and my Golden Waffle Mix! My customers would rave about how they never tasted anything like it before. I had no clue how I was gonna do it but thank God I found a way. I wanted to change the breakfast game and break up the monotony in what’s always offered. My goal is to be in grocery stores this year. Read more>>

Justin Parker | Microblading, Scalp Micro Pigmentation & Makeup Artist

I have been working for other people my whole life and I really felt like it was time for me to start making my own rules! I have been a makeup artist for about 15 years but have always had a full time job for security and comfort. After the events of the past 2 years, I have changed the way I am thinking about my future. I no longer want to be controlled by other peoples schedules, rules, policies. I needed to start thinking about myself and my future and what that would look like in this new world we have. I am only responsible for my life and i am making the choice to work to live and not the other way around. Read more>>

Kayla Goldsmid | Metalsmith

Initially there was not much thought that went into starting my business. I started taking metalsmithing courses as a creative outlet for myself, to make things that I personally wanted. My initial intention was not to make a business out of it but rather to have an escape during covid, a place to go to get me out of the house and to feel like I was moving forward. It was soon after I started creating pieces for myself that my friends started wanting the things I was making. Quickly I found myself wanting to make jewelry for others, it made the process of creating even more special being able to hold the intention of that person in my mind as I worked on their pieces. Read more>>

Doyeon Yoni Yu | Fashion Designer & Content Creator

I was born and raised in Korea which has very strict beauty/body standards. As a mid-size person, shopping has been always struggle for me because I couldn’t find many options for my size. Living in this environment unconsciously had some kind of impact on my self-esteem, that I’ve always felt that I’m not slimmer enough and beautiful enough to shop cute clothes. Then I moved to NYC to study fashion at Parsons. As I studied fashion and currently work in fashion, I’ve always felt the void and gap in fashion industry. Read more>>

Chase & Mimi Ramey & Lindquist | Co-Creators of The Medicin brand

Before our work at The Medicin, we were childhood sweethearts who turned husband & wife in our early 20s. After 3 years of marriage, and 10 years together, we actually divorced, thinking we would never see each other again. We both hit physical, emotional, mental and spiritual rock bottom and committed (separately) to get to the root of our personal issues. We both needed a complete lifestyle overhaul. After 3 years of intense self development, holistic health integration, and personal epiphanies, our new lives crossed paths organically. Read more>>

Bill Byrne | Director, Remedy Public Relations

Remedy has a unique take on the public relations industry. At our core, we’re realistic. We probably lose more business by explaining to potential partners the modern PR landscape and where their brand can fit or grow into if the effort is there. Too often brands think they deserve more earned media attention than they’re receiving because they have a fishbowl mentality to their marketing. They fail to have a media-first perspective in terms of what editorial is looking for. Read more>>

Yadiry Mondragon | Business Owner

confident about themselves. We handpick and design our styles with the idea of a destination and a purpose. Whether you’re traveling or lounging at home we have versatile styles and designs for you. Our exclusive Verzatile merchandise are unisex designed and are intentionally designed to motivate you and remind you to not give up. Our styles are designed only for the Verzatile. Read more>>

Pamela Sierra | Virtual Assistant

Starting my own business has been a dream of mine for several years but figuring out WHERE to begin was daunting. My parents immigrated to this country in hopes of creating a better future for my siblings and myself in 1989. They came to the United States with twenty dollars they had borrowed from my grandfather which at the time was enough to last you about a week or so. They came not knowing any English and worked at a few restaurants with no success due to the language barrier. Read more>>

Samuel White | Real Estate Investor & Luxury Events & Wedding DJ

It is so funny to think of myself as a business owner and investor now because I still do not feel old enough to be in this position. I consider myself hip and cool and just happen to love to network with people and create jobs at the same time. I love being creative and a lot of times in a work scenario of working for someone else, you cannot be as creative as you would like to be. Read more>>

Zeke Corley | Owner, A Different Day Networks, LLC.

Seeing many folks getting laid off or second guessing their careers at the beginning of the pandemic motivated me to the power of “yes”. I’ve taken on all challenges because I witnessed how fragile life and career could be. Read more>>