“If you stand for nothing, you fall for everything”

We asked the community to tell us about the values and principles that guide their lives and businesses.

Ciara Cusseaux | Wedding and portrait photographer

Love & people are what matter most to me. I really enjoy contributing to the the joy of others. As a wedding and portrait photographer, I get to be there for one of life’s biggest milestones. It is such a gift that I get to make a career out of serving people during moments that are so rich in meaning and significant in the course of their story. Read more>>

Crystal Bejarano, Psy.D. | Educational Psychologist, Connect4Kids Psychological Services

Meaningful work has been a core value over my career. I feel like my response on this is cheating at bit. This value also incorporates other values such as love, happiness, contribution, authenticity, and service. The career path that I’m on has been an incredible privilege. I have had the benefit of working with youth, families, and dedicated professionals. It has been a wonderful balance between connecting with our clients and applying scientific principles of learning and development. Read more>>

Daniel Villanueva Jr | Chef Daniel / Owner Daniels Table

Truth is my ultimate value and principle. Without it nothing is real. Food is healing and cleaning of the body, nothing compares to the hunger that food satisfies in the body, the mind, the heart, and the soul. And though everyone has their own truth, I prefer mine. My relationship with farmers, ranchers, companies, fish mongers, and their families is truth. Read more>>