We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Jacki Geary | Artist & Founder of JAX Atelier

Staying true to myself as an artist and what I create. Making art is very personal, but in businesses it’s very important to not take things personally. Because you’re putting so much of yourself into what you create, it can be difficult for artists to separate the feelings attached to the art from the business side of things. Not everyone is going to connect with what you make and you’ll get flat out rejected sometimes. Learning to brush those things off and redirect my focus has helped me move forward quicker in a positive direction. Read more>>

Leslie Desrosiers | Doctor of Physical Therapy & Sports Injury Prevention Expert

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is “personal touch.” I set myself apart from others in my industry through extra attention to details that show my customers that I truly care about them. I have always said that I want every one of my patients to “feel like they are my only patient.” They will never slip through the cracks or feel like a number. From scheduling extra time for patients and communicating by text in-between sessions, to personalizing the music and offering fresh-brewed coffee, I try to make my patients feel comfortable and special through every session. For my virtual clients around the world, I mail handwritten notes and free shirts. I offer personalized support and extra trainings as needed. I also give individual shout-outs to acknowledge members, send birthday wishes, and plan local happy hour events on occasion! Read more>>

Kelly Johnson | Illustrator

So far, the most important thing has been staying on a consistent posting schedule on social media, and making sure that everything I post aligns with the goals, values, and aesthetic of my brand. That, combined with being real, honest, personable, and responsive to people who comment and message me has helped me stand out a bit. I’ve made some friends out of fellow artists who were once customers, and I’m so glad that they’re in my life now! Those friendships have lead to collaborations and mutual promotion that ends up growing each of our businesses, which I love to see! Read more>>

Isha Casagrande | Wardrobe Consultant & Closet Whisperer

Authenticity, passion, and a lot of love are the keys to creating success in my brand. I am not only consistent in my message, but I am also consistent in showing up every single day even when I do not want to. I am a passionate advocate of helping women fall in love with themselves from the inside out and then I teach them how to style themselves from the outside in. They need to trust me. They need to know that I am falling in love with them during the process as well. Sometimes I make decisions for my business based on the emotional impact I can have on my clients and not so much the financials. I have created a safe place within our inspired community where my clients get to make connections with other women that want to encourage each other and feel confident as well. Read more>>