We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Asya Olson | Travel Blogger, Photographer and Software Engineer

The most important would be my dedication to my goals and ideas, and optimism goes right after. I am always sure that everything is possible if being persistent, and that’s actually true. Read more>>

Joanna Zlatanov | Yoga Instructor & Intuitive Energy Healer

Integrity. Being honest with myself and true to my soul is the intention that I have chosen to weave into my brand. I see a lot of big brands out there shifting their messaging to conform with what’s ‘trendy’ and it makes me question what they actually stand for. I believe in honest work, in being raw and authentic, and vulnerable at heart. The world doesn’t need any more carbon copies of what’s already been done, we need more unique authenticity as this is where we shine the most. Read more>>

Rene Magana | Furniture Maker

Passion for what you do and persistence! When you become an entrepreneur, you come across many obstacles that only you can solve , there is no guide book to follow other than to keep going and not giving up specially for someone like me that decided to drop off from college after discovering the art of woodworking back in 2013. Read more>>

Samantha Buck | Clothing Designer and Maker

Expressing one’s individual uniqueness is something I find to be very important. It is crucial for people to be able to represent the genuine and wonderful person they are! What better way to show off your personality than with FASHION? Everything designed by Roaming Tiger is done through the practice of sustainable upcycling that is one of kind. From custom orders to seasonal apparel, all designs are created with renewed sense of purpose using second-hand materials. Read more>>

Luis Perez | Sales and technical Representative

The most important factor is definitely education and follow up. Showing and teaching contractors a better, more efficient way to do their job has been ideal. With labor shortages and supply shortages Alliance Designer Products has evolved the hardscape industry to a level that will forever change the way outdoor living is constructed. Read more>>

Neena Robertson | Artist, Photographer & Educator

I attribute my success to putting myself in positions that align with what I want and what I stand for. At the end of the day I only want to grow in a direction that pushes my skills and creativity. I’m happiest when I’m contributing to something I believe in and that’s what my focus has been from the start. I had to get comfortable declining jobs and opportunities that aren’t meaningful, despite them paying well or creating growth for my business. Read more>>