We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Maddy Norton | Baker and Cookie Artist

For my company, DMG Cookies (which stands for Dough My Goodness! Cookies), I bake and decorate custom cookies for special events in people’s lives. I think what makes me successful is that I absolutely LOVE what I do, which makes me eager to create quality products and experiences for my customers. This translates to a successful brand because I work very hard to create beautiful and delicious cookies. Everything I make is to the best of my ability. I am constantly learning new techniques to improve my skills, and to provide the highest quality product for my customers. Read more>>

Teresa Stivers | CEO Walden Family Services

I find it a bit tough to talk about our work at Walden Family Services within the context of “brand” because I associate “brand” with selling products like tires or cornflakes. Our focus at Walden is helping vulnerable foster children heal from trauma, finding them safe and loving homes and getting them the right support to move forward to create healthy, happy and productive lives for themselves. So I have come to think of “brand” as “reputation” which I am proud to say that after 45 years of pioneering some of the most innovative and inclusive foster care programs in California — our Walden Family Services’ reputation is strong. The most important factor behind our successful brand / reputation? I would have to say it is our dedication to the children, youth and families we serve. Read more>>

Adeleh Yarmohammadi | Ophthalmologist & Glaucoma Fellow

3 Ps: Passion, Positive attitude and Perseverance. When I moved to the States as a foreign medical graduate, I was told that getting into ophthalmology residency is almost impossible (highly competitive for American graduates as well).
Despite the discouragement, I kept my focus on my true passion, stayed positive, and tried my best to do whatever it takes to reach my dream of becoming an ophthalmologist in the United States. Fast forward 6 years, I finished my residency in July 2021, and now in my sub-specialty training as a glaucoma fellow, and very grateful for all the opportunities I have had. Read more>>