We don’t believe success is random. Over the years we have spoken with hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, researchers, athletes, and more. We’ve learned from them – both through their stories and through the advice they’ve shared with us – and it’s quite evident that success is more likely when certain habits are present. So, we decided to ask folks to share their habits with us, especially those that they feel helped them succeed.

Madison Miller | Social Media Influencer

The habits that I felt help me succeed in social media is my work ethic. I treated social media like it was a second job where I got up early before my teaching job to work on emails, editing and networking. I would work during my lunch breaks and also film late at night after work. Having a strong work ethic is what got me to where I am today. Read more>>

Jasmine V | Mutual aid organizer, Activist, and homie

Asking questions. We don’t know everything there is to know in the world, nor should we. By asking questions, we open ourselves up to vulnerability and growth. Even the questions one might think of as silly can help gear you the right way. Read more>>

Kimberley Smith | Artist & Art Instructor

The habits that helps me succeed are many and I will share my favorite that got me here. A supportive community is key. It’s really important to surround yourself with successful people in your life that you can look up to, that cheer you on to keep moving forward. Choosing three or four people who have the lifestyle you want or conduct themselves in a manner you are inspired by will keep you motivated. You can learn from them, see what challenges they had to overcome and how they stay motivated. Read more>>