We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Zoë Pingitore | Holistic MIND + BODY coach

I am inspired by people who want to grow. I am constantly finding inspiration in people who want more for themselves, who want to expand and feel/do different! It’s those people who see themselves for deeper than the surface and who see the potential of life! They show me the potential of what can happen when you choose to commit to yourself. The most amazing thing I have witness within myself and my clients is that commitment. When you truly commit and choose to grow you unlock something. Read more>>

David Owens | Lawyer & Artist

I’m inspired by human connections, by people who can use words, art, or even music to reach others in a way that both validates and influences them. As a trial attorney, I’ve seen empathetic colleagues who can routinely find enough genuine, shared perspective with others to earn their trust, and then they take a risk by shedding light on it. Those connections have inspired my law practice and now I try to do the same thing with art. Read more>>

Dr. Ginger Sweetan, Dr. Tara Steinke | Naturopathic Doctors & NaturopathicRx San Diego Clinic Founders

INSPIRATION can be found in so many areas of everyday life. Personally, we are inspired by bold leadership, compassionate friends and family, and the beauty and wonder of nature. Professionally, we derive inspiration from the balance of the simplicity of natural medicine coupled with the innovation of cutting edge research and treatment options. Read more>>