We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

KAMALA VENKATESH | Photographer and Artist

My inspiration comes from my travels and from looking at photos taken by other photographers. Of course, there are the masters like Ansel Adams and other photographers, as well as Dutch master painters and others artists. I feel like all forms of art, including the art of gardening, ceramics, and others are very inspirational and there is a big connection between the arts and the artists of different genre. Being mainly a landscape photographer, nature is my biggest inspiration whether it be a colorful sunset, a sunrise, a blade of grass or a bird sipping the nectar of flowers or drinking from my fountain, the full or crescent moon, the Milky Way and stars of a dark night…they all stir up a passion in me. Read more>>

Yahairah Aristy | Attorney, Lawyers Club of San Diego President

I am inspired by humanity. Witnessing the best of people, bringing out the best of people, empowering people, helping people thrive – inspires me to devote my time to the service for others. There is nothing more fulfilling than when I know my actions and that of other well-meaning leaders help another human experience the best life has to offer, or that when our actions made it possible for people to live a better life, pursue their dreams, and believe in themselves. The betterment of humanity is the greatest gift because as Muhammad Ali said, “service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” Read more>>

Brian Bash | Photographer

It may seem cliche, but I’m inspired by almost everything around me. When I go on walks I look at the way light interacts with the world around me and I imagine what kind of new creative shots I could get. I also draw heavy inspiration from other photographers around me. I feel like working with other creatives helps you see things from a different perspective and help you see things you may have overlooked, Ultimately making you a better artist. Read more>>

Luis ALR Rodriguez | Family Man/Photographer/Podcaster

First is my family my wife my kids. That’s my main priority putting them before me. Sometimes I make choices that are selfish but then I catch my self I rethink it. My wife is a huge inspiration also I don’t know how she does it. This 2021 has started bad. She finds the right words to make me feel better about my self. So I owe it to her to keep on working on my goals. I have a small circle so everyone in it inspires me daily. Read more>>

Cody Yarbro | Author/Lifestyle Blogger

Inspiration for me tends to reflect my real life day-to-day experiences. So much of the content of my books has come from anecdotes of my personal life. From memories in my childhood to things that happened as I am writing this. One of my favorite singers says, “Life imitates art”. I could not agree more. Read more>>