We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Starla Little | Photographer

One thing that truly inspires me, and this might seem a little strange given my body of work, but osteology. When someone looks at my images whether they are enjoying my more commercial/lifestyle family sessions or my fine art and double exposure images, I really hope they can see and sense the skeletal structure of the whole process; the form and function of all the moving pieces that hopefully build a stable body of work. Read more>>

Kendra Montijo | Founder, More Than Apples, Inc

Community! The way my community has rallied and stepped up for others has been beyond inspiring for me. Within my org, of food rescue and redistribution, members have stepped up in countless ways for those around them. A few of our members have started free giving stores of food within their neighborhoods, complete strangers have picked up food boxes for others that unexpectedly couldn’t make it, we have an entire group of people that trade items for others, meeting needs and continuing the mission and vision of more than apples. With the onset of the coronavirus, I was witness to hundreds of these transactions! Good people, helping good people. Read more>>

Julia Bell | Writer and Founder of The Redhead Story

What inspires me are the little, all too often fleeting moments. I try to be better about really living in the moment, observing nature, my son, appreciating those moments that I have all to myself (quiet morning coffee before the sun rises). I love being outdoors and exploring local areas – especially more so the past year. The closer I look, the more I realize that there’s inspiration in the littlest of things that may spark a new idea. Read more>>

Zyanya Uribe | Artist and Creator

I am inspired by my feelings, plants, and botanical designs. Read more>>

Cat Valadez | E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur

I’m inspired by life! Life experiences have been my greatest teacher, and the teachings of yoga philosophy have been gifted to us all so that we can use them OFF the mat in every day life. When I’m struggling with something in my relationships, business or life journey, I use those struggles as inspiration to use the teachings of yoga and bring those moments back to my students to share it with them so they can do the same in their own daily life. Read more>>

Asha Bailey | Destination Wedding Photographer

I’m endlessly inspired by every day life. Films, music, emotions, colors, and books all inspire me to create the art that I do. I’m always exploring and studying different styles and different energy that I want to portray in my work. It’s important to me that my viewers and clients can all see my work and feel exactly what I wanted them to feel while I was creating it. Read more>>