Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Priscilla Caraveo | Portrait and Lifestyle Photographer

I think that being kind and genuine is key. I truly love getting to know my clients and seeing their children and families grow over the years. I always ask about their lives, and I’m thrilled to hear about graduations, proposals, baby bumps, loose teeth, and all that is happening. I want to hear about their highs and their lows, and I tell them about mine. We become friends, and they develop a certain comfort level with me that makes being in front of my camera an easy and fun experience. My clients trust me, so they refer me to their friends and family, and that is the number one way my business has grown. Nothing beats word of mouth, and I feel honored every time a client refers me to someone new. Read more>>

Nuge | Artist

I think there are many factors that have contributed to the success of my art. One of the largest driving factors of my success is my ability to utilize the internet and Instagram to get my work in front of people. I believe that we all have the power to get our work seen in this day and age due to the fact that we all have smart phones. It’s basically like having your own art gallery in your pocket. With so much saturation of art on the internet, it is still difficult to be get noticed. So I work hard to figure out creative ways to present my work that would otherwise look mundane and boring. This method has kept my business afloat for the past four years and has gotten my work into prominent homes and galleries. By showing the process and grunt work through videos, it adds layers of appreciation. Read more>>

Jonny Pucci | Artist/Muralist

As an artist, my business and my brand are essentially just me. It’s me presenting myself to the world. Because of that I see my success as being dependent on staying true to myself and to my work. My goal as someone who makes art is to create a positive impact on individuals, communities and if possible the planet/environment. I think as long as I keep that as my primary focus I will continue to be successful. Read more>>

Ken Lee | Founding Partner and Distiller

The authenticity of the spirits and the quality and care that goes into making them. We still bring in the grains and molasses and believe in truly handcrafting our spirits. Our spirits are palate driven so I am a true believer in the full experience. From the bouquet, to the the way it hits your palate, to the mouth feel, and the finish. It’s all part of the experience. You have to truly appreciate the nuances of spirits to appreciate making them. Read more>>

Tony Gee | Plumbing Lead Generation Expert

The most important factor behind success is the blueprint that you follow instead of trying to figure it out yourself! In order for a plumbing company to be successful is following a blueprint that will cover multiple things like plumbing lead generation to make sure you get plumbing calls daily so your plumbing company makes money daily, another important blueprint that needs to be followed is plumbing business consulting to make sure you grow and scale your plumbing company appropriately because there are many questions that need to be answered like, what type of business software is the best for Plumbers or how much should you charge per hour or how much should you pay the plumber (employee). Read more>>

Justin and Ryne Edwards | Owners of J&R Edwards PDC

The most important factor behind our success is our tribe. We have always strived to make giving back to our community, to our country, a vital part of our business. We aren’t just business owners; we open arms to our customers and, in turn, they become part of our tribe. When the pandemic hit in March, we opened our business closet and starting cutting into our inventory to help donate masks to those in need. We asked our tribe, our friends, if anyone would be willing to help us cover the cost of shipping some masks. The response we received was unbelievable and because of it, we’re still donating masks 8 months later. Our tribe believes in the good we try to do for the world and that has made all the difference for our business. Read more>>

Joan Gregor | Joan Gregor, Founder, CEO, Design Strategist

The ability to be on the leading edge while always keeping people and the key objectives of the client as the focus. We work in many different industries allowing us to apply diverse perspectives, technology, methods and processes for more innovative results while reducing risk. We use our “Power of Collect Thought” TM global network to bring on the right talent for each particular project. Read more>>