Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

James Jared Taylor | Sculptor and Painter

I think that the most important part of the creative process is to practice as much as you can. For me, it can be a small watercolor in my sketchbook to a large sculpture, or even cleaning up the studio for a project. Daily practice in the studio is essential Read more>>

Lasse ‘G’ Goerlitz | International greasy grub agent

To achieve success beyond your friends and family authenticity is key, in my opinion. The brand has to fit the experience. For me, ‘The Hotdogjudge’ is a personal brand, so if I didn’t present an honest version of myself, it wouldn’t travel anywhere. That said, it’s still a curated version of my experiences – primarily around food – where I don’t show the two eggs I eat every morning. That would be boring to my audience, in my best estimation. But when I go out I always snap pictures and most often share them with my audience, although most often it’s not in real-time. Read more>>

Brian Hunt | Local Artist / Union Laborer

I think the secret is patience & drive. I would be creating these images regardless of an audience. The emotion & creativity that fuels my work is uncontrollable. In many ways it’s a form of therapy for me mentally. Many times I’ll spend countless hours on a piece only to not be happy with the final results. The nice part about being a painter/artist is, a piece is never finished. You can always change the outcome. By practicing my technique’s day in and day out I will eventually find the end result that leaves me satisfied. Ultimately that is where both patience and drive play a major factor! Rome was not built in a day. Read more>>

Tiziano Mammana | Wedding & Commercial Videographer

For my point of view behind the success there is lot of passion for my job (I really love creating endless memories with my cameras for people in love and creative commercial for small businesses) , and professionalism as much as I can, because my clients must have an amazing experience with me and my brand. That’s why when I start to think about any aspect of my business I start thinking as client first, asking my self question as if I am the client in that specific moment (what I am looking from the professional? What do I expect from Him/Her? Why I should choose Him/Her instead another one? ) Read more>>

Brandon Ertman | Home Inspector & Building Consultant

There are several reasons why we remain successful after being in business for ten years now. Obviously, there’s the simple stuff like providing good customer service, picking up the phone, quickly responding, etc… However, I think the most important factor behind our success is having a comprehensive knowledge of building science and construction. Since we have been involved in all phases of the building process, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our goal is to perform great home inspections, every single time. Read more>>

Tiffanie Glaze | Success Life and Business Coach + Nature Retreat Host

Alignment. The most important factor behind my success is operating from a place of alignment. If I stay true to what feels good to me, to what makes me happy, to what helps others and the world around me, then I am a success. Read more>>

Nick Diede | Owner | Soccer Skills Specialist

I would say what has made my business so successful is that New Day is a community of athletes/ families built around positivity and a unique style of training. It is an undeniable fact that youth athletes burn out quickly if they are not in an environment that supports them mentally as well as physically. I have so many athletes that attend my classes and camps that have lost their love for the game of soccer because of team practices that don’t inspire them or allow them to evolve as an athlete. Read more>>

Tammy Kay | Master Lash Artist and Trainer

This is a hard one to talk about but I would have to say doubt was the biggest drive for my ambitions. Growing up in a strict first generation immigrant family, there was no room for an artistic or a creative career. You were expected to be a doctor, lawyer, or anything else besides an artist. I was in my second year of college before I decided to quit school to pursue my dreams of being in the beauty industry. I didn’t know exactly what services I wanted to offer but all I know was that I saw myself working with people and making them feel beautiful. Read more>>

James Antal | Personal Trainer

Believing in yourself and having passion for what you do. Without those 2 things the chances of success are low. Believe in yourself more than anyone else and that the service or product you provide will help people find a solution.Be so passionate that even when times get tough, you will not give up. Read more>>

John Wright | Business Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is how we (my team and I) engage with our customers, especially in person. Over 70% of our sales come from in person markets and events such as our weekly farmers markets, annual community festivals and holiday gift shows. Back in 2011 when I founded the brand I was 26 I wasn’t just looking for a way to grow my business and achieve success I was also looking for something more to emerge from within myself. As cliché as it sounds I knew I was meant for more. Read more>>

Jennifer Burton and Christine Marland | Hosts of the Nopeville Podcast

The most important factor behind the success of Nopeville we think lies in our attention to detail when we make our podcast episodes. We spend hours researching each topic to make sure we can present as much accurate information as possible and try to include different and unique takes on the subject matter. We also try to come up with methods of immersion in specific topics to captivate our audience, or “Tourists” as we like to call them, on whatever tour they happen to be taking. Read more>>